Banner advertising the Typefi User Conference in Baltimore on 2-3 May 2019. The background is a line drawing map of downtown Baltimore with the conference venue highlighted by a blue dot.

Typefi User Conference 2019

The 2019 Typefi User Conference was held at the Lord Baltimore Hotel, Baltimore MD, on 2–3 May 2019, with delegates from 30 organisations joining the Typefi team for a jam-packed two days of learning, sharing, and networking.

Guy van der Kolk and Caleb Clauset address the audience in the Versailles Room at Lord Baltimore Hotel during the Typefi User Conference. There is a large screen displaying the Typefi logo and the tagline 'DO MORE'.
The 2019 Typefi User Conference in full swing.

Day 1 was dedicated to in-depth workshops, including a morning seminar on standards publishing, and afternoon tutorials on Typefi Designer templates and techniques for working with math in Typefi workflows. The Conference Dinner at Phillip’s Seafood in the evening was also a huge hit!

Day 2 featured a range of sessions, including real stories from Typefi users, Typefi product updates, publishing industry insights, and a lightning round of presentations from Typefi’s and Inera’s Solutions Consultants.

This year, Typefi also introduced a Brilliant Bar, offering customers the opportunity to book a short consultation with Professional Services team members throughout the day.

The conference sessions were all recorded—browse the links below to check them out!

It’s beneficial to have a chance to see the Typefi team for face-to-face conversations and to learn what is new and what is coming up. I also like seeing and hearing how others are using Typefi.

Day 1, Thursday 2 May 2019—Standards Publishing in 2019

Day 2, Friday 3 May 2019—Typefi User Conference