Standards and accessibility


Creating your content in accessible formats makes it more usable for everyone!

In this presentation from the 2019 Typefi User Conference, Solutions Consultant Damian Gibbs discusses the principles of accessibility and the many reasons why publishers might want to (or be required to) make their content accessible.

He also explains how Typefi can help customers produce content in accessible formats with minimal additional cost.

“Reducing barriers to content is not about dumbing down content, but rather, creating an environment where the physical limitations become temporary and usability is increased.”

Slide Deck (PDF)


Damian Gibbs

Damian Gibbs

Solutions Consultant | Typefi

Damian started out as an apprentice typesetter over 20 years ago at a leading South African educational publisher, and from the start was curious about opportunities that digital technologies bring to publishing. He transitioned to general market publishing and eventually became a service provider to local and offshore publishers covering a diverse range of publishing markets, all requiring varying workflows and output requirements.

Damian has extensive experience working with publishers to use evolving technologies and innovative digital publishing products to improve workflows, and to transition from pure print to digital outputs such as web, e-books, and CMS publishing.