Multilingual Publishing Automation

Typefi intelligent publishing software can automatically reformat your source document into multiple languages and outputs using Adobe InDesign, so you can create multilingual documents in minutes!

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Quickly Reformat for Any Language

Frustrated by the slow pace of manually reformatting content into each new language? Typefi manages fonts, templates, layouts and more in an automated multilingual publishing workflow so you can publish to multiple languages faster than ever before. Resizing of translated text and manual rework are things of the past with Typefi automated composition software.

Multilingual Publishing Automation Can Help

Now when I plan for a publication, the last thing that worries me is the layout phase. I know that I can produce a book within hours instead of weeks.

Hachette Antoine

Strong Support for Complex Languages

Need to publish to all language groups for compliance or market reach? Typefi can help you achieve that. Typefi supports the full Unicode set and can publish in over 100 languages including Western European, Cyrillic, Middle Eastern, Indic, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and more.

Multilingual Publishing Automation Can Help

…we don't have any support from the industry when it comes to Arabic, so we had to do this with the help of Typefi.

Hachette Antoine

Improve Quality & Reduce Errors

Struggling to produce multilingual outputs that meet your quality standards? Typefi automatically composes your content in pre-prepared templates using design-driven artificial intelligence, so even complex languages have perfect typesetting. Typefi also allows you to update content—including translated content—at its source. With no layout editing needed, manual typesetting errors are eliminated.

Multilingual Publishing Automation Can Help

When you have lots of last-minute edits that affect the layout, you go back to the Word file, you insert your edits, you print, and you have your layout produced in minutes.

Hachette Antoine

Here's How We Can Help

…we publish in six languages—three European, and Russian, Chinese and Arabic, which is always a challenge as far as publication is concerned. Typefi made this very easy.

International Telecommunications Union

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