Automated Publishing Solutions

Typefi publishing automation software is designed to help you DO MORE. With more than 20 years of experience helping clients with nearly every publishing challenge imaginable, we have solutions for even the most complex requirements. Browse the links below to learn how we can help you publish high-quality content, faster.

Automated Publishing with Adobe InDesign

Typefi publishing software uses intelligent InDesign automation to optimise your editorial workflows, resulting in reduced costs, improved content accuracy, and massive time savings. Typefi can compose 1000+ pages per hour using InDesign—all you have to do is build the templates. There’s no manual typesetting or copy-and-pasting required.

Convert XML and Word to InDesign

The Typefi automated publishing solution uses Adobe InDesign to automatically render almost any source—including Word and XML—in your choice of more than 30 of today’s most popular output formats.

Multilingual Publishing Automation

Typefi intelligent publishing software can automatically reformat your source document into multiple languages and outputs using Adobe InDesign, so you can create multilingual documents in minutes!

Automated Math and Science Publishing

Typefi publishing automation software for scientific, scholarly, and educational publishers makes it possible to produce complex journals and 1000+ page textbooks in less time and with less effort. Using Typefi, you can automate the most time-consuming and error-prone parts of your production process while increasing content accuracy—all with the same staffing resources.

Accessible Publishing Automation

Typefi publishing software can automatically compose distribution-ready outputs in a wide range of accessible formats—all from the same source content you use to publish traditional outputs.