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We love meeting our current and potential customers, partners and colleagues at conferences, trade shows and other events! If you’d like to organise a time to see us at an upcoming event, please drop us a line.

BookMachine Unplugged: Talking Production

12 February 2020, London, UK

Typefi is a proud sponsor of BookMachine Unplugged 2020, an event series to inspire you with real insights into what is working in publishing right now.

Most book publishers still produce books in the same way they did five or even ten years ago. At Talking Production, Ken Jones invites us to rethink how we work by looking at some of the new and emerging tools and services that can help book publishers today.

London Book Fair

10–12 March 2020, London, UK

Meet the ‘who’s who’ of the publishing industry under one roof—including the team from Typefi! Drop us a line if you’d like to organise a time to meet.

Adobe Summit

29 March–2 April 2020, Las Vegas, US

Join the leaders in marketing automation, analytics, advertising and commerce at Summit, the annual conference for Adobe Experience Cloud, Magento, and Marketo users!

Visit us in the Community Pavilion, and learn how to assemble your Adobe Experience Manager Assets into sophisticated print experiences with the click of a button.

CIDM DITA North America

27–29 April 2020, Phoenix, US

Struggling to create compelling print documents from DITA? Ditch XSL-FO and reclaim your design agility with Typefi, the world’s leading automated publishing platform based on Adobe InDesign!

Find us in the exhibition hall at DITA North America, or attend one of our sessions:

  • Tuesday, 28 April, 12:05pm—Fast, Flexible and Fine: Doing more with DITA
  • Wednesday, 29 April, 11:15am—Where DITA Meets Aesthetic Design (and why it matters)
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