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We love meeting our current and potential customers, partners and colleagues at conferences, trade shows and other events! While we can’t do that in person right now, you can still find us at a range of virtual events around the globe.

You can also join one of our regular webinars, or check out recent webinar recordings below.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you’d like an online demo of how Typefi can help you DO MORE!

BookMachine Unplugged: Talking Tech

How publishing can harness the potential of emerging tech in their business

Virtual event, 12 May 2021, 6pm BST | GET YOUR TICKET

Publishing has traditionally played catch-up with emerging tech. It’s often safer to invest in the more obvious options rather than jumping right in to get ahead of the curve. But what are the implications if we miss gaps in the market that start-ups and large tech companies are happy to fill?

Typefi is a proud sponsor of BookMachine Unplugged: Talking Tech, an event that will investigate how tech plays a role in discovery and enjoyment of content for the end user, and how publishers can pivot and harness the potential of new technologies.


  • Emmanuel Kolade, Managing Director at Shulph (Event host)
  • Fiona Kilkelly, Founder of Immerse UK and Chairperson at Eirmersive
  • Jeremy Dalton, Head of VR/AR at PwC UK
  • David Rosenberg, Artistic Director + Co-founder of DARKFIELD
  • Glen Neath, Artistic Director + Co-founder of DARKFIELD

The panel members will consider the opportunities and risks of emerging tech, and share insights into the potential of areas like computer vision, augmented and virtual reality, AI, big data and machine learning.

Standards Symposium 2021

A deep dive into Standards Publishing

Virtual event, 19-20 May 2021 | LEARN MORE & REGISTER

Registrations are open now for Standards Symposium 2021, a free virtual event for standards publishing organisations around the world!

If you’re looking to invigorate your publishing processes, learn from world-leading experts, and network with other professionals in the standards publishing space, this event is for you.

Join us for two jam-packed half-day sessions in which we’ll discuss all things standards publishing, including:

  • Best practice publishing processes, from authoring through to multi-format production and distribution
  • The pros and cons of moving to XML-based publishing workflows
  • Online collaborative authoring and editing
  • Publishing accessible content
  • Publishing standards as HTML
  • Common challenges in the standards publishing process and how to overcome them
  • Latest news from world-leading standards publishers
  • Real-world stories from a range of standards publishing organisations
  • And more!

The event will feature guest presenters from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and American Petroleum Institute (API), with more to be announced shortly.

Register now, and stay tuned for updates as we release the full speaker list and agenda in coming weeks!

CreativePro Week 2021

The Essential How-To Conference for Creative Pros

Virtual event, 17-21 May 2021 | LEARN MORE & REGISTER

CreativePro Week features 40+ top experts in the field of layout, image editing, illustration, retouching, design, production, and publishing, offering five days of in-depth training and inspiration.

If you want to master the tools of the design and publishing trade and learn new, advanced skills that will keep you at the forefront of your field, then CreativePro Week is your home!

Peter Kahrel, Typefi Scripting Engineer, will present Awesome GREP Tips & Tricks on Tuesday, 18 May. Peter will share 10 ways for Adobe InDesign users to make short work of fiddly, repetitive tasks—even if you’re not an advanced user, you can copy and paste the GREP expressions from the handout for instant great results! Don’t miss it!

Recent Webinars

15 October 2020

Typefi Demo: Automated publishing for scientific & scholarly content (Frankfurt Book Fair)

Learn how to produce complex multiformat content up to 80% faster with Typefi and Adobe InDesign.


15 October 2020

People and technology: The future of making books (Frankfurt Book Fair)

Join John Pettigrew (Futureproofs, Talking Through My Hat) as he hosts an online panel discussion with Typefi CEO Chandi Perera, Anna Faherty from Strategic Content, and Kobo’s Nick Coveney.


14 October 2020

Typefi Demo: Publish multiformat educational content 80% faster (Frankfurt Book Fair)

Automate production with Typefi and Adobe InDesign for speed, accuracy and professional layout. No compromise!


8 October 2020

Adobe DITAWORLD: Marketing and technical communication at velocity with DITA & InDesign

Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product, demonstrates how to leverage DITA with XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe InDesign Server to share content across teams, and rapidly publish to multiple formats.

You will need to complete a free Adobe DITAWORLD registration to view this presentation and other DITAWORLD recordings.

9 September 2020

A guide to structuring content for automation

A high-level practical guide to developed intelligent content for a range of applications, including automated publishing.

15 July 2020

Flexible, accessible, engaging: Publish quality educational content fast!

Empower your team to deliver high-quality print and digital educational content whenever, wherever and however it’s needed.

17 June 2020

End-to-end automation with eXtyles Arc + Typefi

Learn how to go from unstructured Word manuscripts to perfect PDFs in minutes—no human intervention required!

19 May 2020

Build flawless workflows for translated XML content

Manage and publish multilingual content with Typefi, InDesign, and XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager. Super fast!

23 April 2020

Create superior InDesign experiences in seconds!

This demo of Typefi’s XML Documentation for Adobe Experience Manager integration shows you how to turn your DITA content into flawless print experiences and increase content velocity by up to 80%!

8 April 2020

An introduction to Standards Cloud

Learn how National Standards Bodies can create professional ISO adoptions in under an hour with just a few simple clicks.


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