Automated Publishing Workflows with Adobe InDesign

Streamline your publishing workflows and automate production of all your print and digital outputs with intelligent publishing automation software from Typefi, built on Adobe InDesign.

Automated Publishing Software

Automatically compose documents with perfect typesetting and flawless design using Adobe InDesign Server. Streamline production, reduce costs, and eliminate human errors.

Multiple Formats from a Single Source

Produce multiple outputs simultaneously—including PDF, EPUB, HTML, and XML formats for print, online and mobile—from a single source of content.

Convert Word & XML to InDesign

Quickly transform content from Microsoft Word or any XML schema into a fully composed InDesign document without tedious manual work.

Complex Data, Math & Formulas

Automatically generate complex elements including large tables, references, footnotes, and mathematical formulas on the fly during composition.

Multilingual Publishing

Publish content in hundreds of languages (including right-to-left languages) without manually resizing translated text. Make edits quickly and improve the quality of your outputs.

Accessible Publishing

Produce a wide range of accessible formats like PDF/UA and DAISY without extra effort. Create accessible content from the same source content used to publish other outputs.

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Compare Automated Publishing Solutions

There aren’t many single-source publishing automation solutions out there. Only Typefi offers seamless integration with Adobe InDesign and support for long documents and complex elements. See how Typefi stacks up in this comparison.

Typefi logoOutsourced Composition Vendors
Data-driven documents Transform XML and database content into high-quality composed and paginated brochures, catalogs, datasheets, fact sheets, financial statements, one-to-one marketing pieces, and more.
Layout complex documents with ease Loose-leaf and long documents, complex lists and tables, extensive footnotes, and layout dependencies are all handled with aplomb.
Universal accessibility Maintain compliance and ensure equal access across your Print, PDF, DAISY, and EPUB renditions.
Multi-lingual language support 40+Publish in more than 40 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, and Thai. 40+40+
Sophisticated automation, at scale Rapidly design, implement and deliver engaging documents, at scale, with minimal training or downtime.
Built on Adobe InDesign Server Leverage the design, layout, and typographic capabilities of Adobe InDesign, and tailor your solution with third-party plug-ins and event-based scripting. Maybe
Author with Microsoft Word Work natively within Microsoft Word while publishing through Adobe InDesign Server. The best of both worlds. Maybe

This is just scratching the surface—there’s heaps more to Typefi and plenty of unique features.

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Automated Publishing in the Cloud

With Typefi Cloud, you can access Typefi automated publishing software from anywhere!

It’s easy to get up and running fast, and there’s nothing for your IT department to do. All the infrastructure is fully managed by us, so there are no maintenance hassles for you to deal with. It’s infinitely scalable too and can adapt as your needs change.

Publishing from Typefi Cloud is simple—just upload your files to the secure server and run your job with a single click. You’ll get a finished product in as little as a few seconds.

On-Premises Publishing Automation

Typefi Workgroup is an on-premises publishing solution that’s ideal for larger publishers and organisations with more stringent security requirements.

It’s hosted on your own servers and no data is ever sent over the internet, so you get unparalleled security.

Workgroup is unbelievably fast, easy to set up, and there are no limits on your production capacity. Our team can tailor the system to suit almost any need.

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Other Typefi Tools



AutoFit is a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign that enables you to design complex and responsive layouts more quickly and with less work. Creating responsive page elements in InDesign has never been easier!



RunScript lets you use InDesign Server without the need to manage hardware and software licenses. Use simple API calls to run scripts, get access to a large network of servers, and only pay for what you use.



Typefitter is an intelligent copyfitting plug-in for Adobe InDesign that locates common typographic issues like widows and orphans, recommends fixes, and can even fix issues automatically!