DO MORE with Scripting

Automate complex layout and design tasks in Adobe InDesign!

Webinar series: DO MORE with Scripting

“Scripting is the most powerful feature in Adobe InDesign. No other feature can save you as much time, trouble, and money as scripting.”
– Adobe InDesign Scripting Tutorial

Scripting may seem daunting to the uninitiated. However, you don’t need a degree in engineering to install, use, create and modify scripts that will allow you automate complex layout and design tasks—all you need is a bit of guidance from a world-renowned scripting guru!

Peter Kahrel

Join Peter Kahrel, Typefi Engineer and scripting expert, for a five-part weekly recorded webinar series on scripting for Typefi users. Kicking off on 22 January 2018, this series will teach you:

  • How to use scripts in InDesign;
  • How to write scripts that interact seamlessly with Typefi’s composition engine;
  • Simple scripts that will enhance Typefi’s built-in functionality;
  • Advanced techniques that will allow you to utilise features of Typefi’s composition engine in your own scripts;
  • And more!

About Peter Kahrel

Peter was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He trained as a linguist at the University of Amsterdam and has an MA and a PhD, specialising in syntax, semantics, and typology. He has lived in the UK since 1994, working as a typesetter, editor, copy-editor, and indexer (and sometimes as a designer too) for publishers in the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany, preparing for the press both books and journals. He combined this with teaching at the Linguistics Department at Lancaster University.

Peter has been programming InDesign with JavaScript since 2003, mainly to cut out the tedium that faces every typesetter and indexer but in equal measure because it’s good fun. Peter has worked as a script developer at Typefi since 2010, and is highly regarded in the global InDesign scripting community.

Check out Peter’s website—which includes a bunch of free scripts—at

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