Convert XML and Word to InDesign

The Typefi automated publishing solution can automatically render almost any source—including Word and XML—in your choice of more than 30 of today’s most popular output formats.

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Convert Any XML to InDesign

Struggling to turn your XML content into high quality final outputs? We love XML! Typefi can transform content from any XML schema—including DITA, JATS, BITS, NISO-STS, and more—into a highly-designed, professional quality InDesign document in just minutes. Typefi can also output well-formed XML at the end of the production process.

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Typefi is the only automated XML software that handles complex layouts to a professional standard.

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Publish Word to InDesign in Seconds

Tired of spending countless hours manually laying out your Word documents in Adobe InDesign? With Typefi, you can continue authoring in Word and publish your content using InDesign in just minutes. There’s no copy and pasting, and no manual composition work involved.

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The interface for our authors and editors was still Word, but the final product could look so much better [with Typefi]. This was really appealing to us.

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Use Content from Multiple Sources in a Single Publication

Need to combine various different content sources into a single final publication? Typefi gives you the flexibility of single-source publishing. Using Typefi, you can automatically combine multiple sources including XML, Microsoft Word and Excel, images, videos, and even Google Docs in a single InDesign document. From there, you can easily publish to your final output format.

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…for the cost there was no other software like Typefi out there. I couldn’t do my job without it—I wouldn’t ever go back to the old process.

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Publish to Multiple Formats Simultaneously

Exhausted by producing the same content for multiple output formats? Using Typefi, it’s possible to produce all the outputs you need for a publication simultaneously. That means you can produce print, online, and mobile content at the same time from the same content. Typefi can even create accessible publications using the same source content you use for other outputs.

Typefi Publishing Software Can Help

Typefi software allows us to quickly transform our content into our desired deliverables, whether it be a print product, a PDF, and on occasion, EPUBs.


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Typefi is one of the fastest publishing engines based on InDesign. In the past six years we have published approximately 500,000 pages with Typefi.


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