About Typefi


Typefi (TY-pi-fy) is an award-winning global publishing automation company. We help our clients simplify and optimise their publishing workflows using intelligent automation software.

Founded in 2001 on the Sunshine Coast, Typefi has customers in 20+ countries, and a diverse  team based in Australia, UK, Europe, USA, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. Typefi’s people are considered some of the world’s most renowned experts in publishing, design and software engineering. The team works closely with industry leaders and technology partners to keep Typefi’s products and services at the cutting edge of publishing innovation.

Our vision

Our vision is to transform the publishing sector using innovative automation software to quickly deliver accurate print and digital content that is accessible to all people.

Our mission

Our mission is to help make the work lives of publishing teams around the world better, by empowering people and organisations with easier and faster ways to publish their content—saving them time and money while providing a superior user experience along the way.

Typefi is part of our team—we wouldn’t be able to do it any other way.

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This is who we are

Our company values drive our direction and the actions of our team. They help us create a safe, collaborative space where work is enjoyable and productive.

  • We start from trust
  • We behave with integrity
  • We speak plainly and clearly
  • We cultivate diversity and expertise
  • We succeed when our clients succeed

Diversity in the workplace

We celebrate diversity in the workplace, and we proudly have a team that hails from 12+ countries, works across five continents, and speaks 14+ languages! 

Our differences and perspectives are respected, and we encourage and empower staff to share them—it’s what adds great value to our company, unites our team, and ultimately helps us deliver unique innovation and solutions for our clients.

Meet the team that’s doing more

The team at Typefi are experts in their fields, with over 130 years of collective experience in publishing, design, and software engineering around the world. 

We love delighting our clients by solving difficult publishing challenges, and we couldn’t do it without collaboration. We work closely with industry leaders and technology partners to ensure our solutions remain at the cutting edge of publishing innovation.

We are renowned for our authenticity and dedication to our clients, and we are fiercely proud of that. Our team is there at every step to ensure our solutions deliver the best possible value.

Our company culture

We’ve built a culture within Typefi that is supportive, collaborative, and respectful.

Our team rallies with advice when challenges arise. We share and celebrate the important events both in and out of work, and we have fun while we work.

We allow time to understand, we encourage new thinking, and we collaborate to get the best of all of us.