Automated Publishing for Finance & Insurance

Empower your marketing team with Typefi, a proven and trusted automated publishing solution that utilises Adobe InDesign for superior composition and layout.

Automatically produce richly designed, brand compliant stakeholder documents—like fund fact sheets, research reports, disclosures, sales enablement documents and more—in minutes, and with 100% accuracy, using Typefi.

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By giving our account managers something that’s so fast and easy to use, it’s a lot easier for them than trying to create a booklet themselves in Word. As far as maintaining branding consistency, it’s already there, it’s built in.



Reduce Time to Market

Produce time-sensitive documents with the latest data in just minutes. Update your source content and produce a new version with a single click.

Eliminate Errors

Automated typesetting and layout is 100% accurate to the data you input. Manual errors are a thing of the past.

Multiple Input Sources

Automatically combine images and graphics with data from Word, Excel, and XML to create your final output.

Publish to Multiple Formats

Produce 30+ output types, including print-ready PDF, editable InDesign documents, EPUB, HTML, XML, and Section 508-compliant accessible formats.

Automatic Table Creation

Turn your data into fully designed tables, charts, and lists automatically—no matter how complex the data is.

Multilingual Publishing

Publish content in hundreds of languages (including right-to-left languages) without manually resizing translated text.

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Featured Case Study


Lockton Companies, the world’s largest privately held insurance brokerage, reduced production time for client documents from 12 hours to 15 minutes after implementing Typefi with a custom front-end built by digital product agency Crema. Account managers can now create brand-compliant documents quickly and without the help of a designer.

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