Automated Publishing for Scientific & Scholarly Publications

Turn your Word and XML content into final outputs, generate complex elements like tables and formulas, and create accessible formats—without any manual composition or layout work—using Typefi publishing automation software.

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We chose Typefi as a partner because their software allows us to quickly transform our content into our desired deliverables, which has really streamlined our workflow…



Built on Adobe InDesign

Typefi uses Adobe InDesign to achieve flawless automatic layouts. Create your InDesign templates, then upload your content and publish with a single click. Typefi takes care of all the layout and composition.

Publish to Multiple Formats

With Typefi, you can publish to 30+ of today’s most popular output file formats including PDF, EPUB, HTML, accessible formats, and even XML like JATS and BITS. You can create all of these outputs using the same content without any manual reformatting.

Author Your Way

Typefi supports input file formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Docs, and XML in any schema (including JATS and BITS). That means you can continue using your existing authoring tools, and your authors won’t have to learn a new system.

Generate Complex Elements

Long, complicated tables got you down? Automate them with Typefi publishing software! Typefi can automatically generate complex elements including boxed text, tables, graphics, multiple columns, mathematical and scientific notation, multi-level lists, and more.

Improve Content Accuracy

Typefi separates content from design, so you never have to worry about late changes ruining your layouts. With Typefi, you can make content changes directly in the source files, then run them through the software again to produce a final output in minutes.

Easy Accessibility

Typefi makes accessible publishing easier than ever! Use Typefi to automatically generate output in a wide range of accessible formats—including DAISY, EPUB, and HTML—all from the same source content you use for other outputs.

Featured Case Studies

IGI Global

IGI Global produces 350–360 textbooks and 145 journals annually, including premier and peer-reviewed content which is distributed to international researchers, scholars and librarians worldwide. Typefi, along with Inera eXtyles and a CMS, enabled IGI to bring typesetting back in-house and triple its production output after just three years.

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Federation of Animal Science Societies

FASS publishes more than 14,000 journal pages annually on topics including animal agriculture, animal products, and food systems. Typefi replaced a labour-intensive, manual typecoding process and, along with Inera eXtyles, reduced journal composition time by more than half. Complex elements can now be published automatically, and everything is done in-house.

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