Accessible Publishing Automation

Typefi publishing software can automatically compose documents in a wide range of accessible formats using the same source content you use to publish standard outputs.

Typefi has helped numerous organisations produce accessible publications with minimal additional cost and effort. In fact, the World Report on Disability, published jointly by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, was composed and produced in accessible formats with Typefi.

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Automatic Compliance with the EAA

The European Accessibility Act goes into effect on 28 June 2025. This directive lays out new accessibility requirements for digital content including e-books—and Typefi can help you achieve compliance.

Under the EAA, all e-book files must have proper semantic tagging and any images must have descriptions. In Microsoft Word, that means you must use paragraph and character styles along with proper heading hierarchy while avoiding direct formatting and empty white space.

Typefi can help you update your backlist titles to comply with these new accessibility rules. Contact our accessible publishing experts to learn how you can easily update your content and publish compliant titles incredibly quickly using automated publishing software.

Accessible Publishing Automation Can Help

It’s really a life-changing tool, and it saves you a lot of stress.

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The Fastest Accessible Publishing Engine

Typefi enables automated publishing of content while following best practices in accessible design, such as large print (14pt+), clear and open fonts with minimal styling and decoration, good contrast, and appropriate use of white space. Using Typefi, you can leverage the same source content used for your other outputs to compose up to 1000 pages of accessible content per hour!

Accessible Publishing Automation Can Help

Our production time reduced from 1 month to 3 days. As well as much faster production turn-around, automating composition has resulted in a noticeable reduction in errors. That’s really important for us.


Support for Common Accessible Formats

Typefi can automatically produce 30+ common output formats including popular accessible formats like DAISY, EPUB, HTML, and XML, and help you create PDF/UA compliant files faster. You can even produce multiple output formats simultaneously and publish in multiple languages with minimal extra effort.

Accessible Publishing Automation Can Help

Typefi software allows us to quickly transform our content into our desired deliverables, whether it be a print product, a PDF, and on occasion, EPUBs.


Easy Compliance with Accessibility Standards

By publishing accessible content with Typefi, you can achieve automatic compliance with accessibility legislation in your region—including the European Accessibility Act, European Disability Act, the Disability Discrimination Act (UK and Australia), and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (US)—and with accessibility standards such as the World Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and ISO 14289-1:2014 PDF/UA (Universal Accessibility).

Multilingual Publishing Automation Can Help

When you tag your text in Word and apply all the styles, Typefi can process this into a well-designed book in InDesign. You literally just press Print and Typefi does the work for you.

Hachette Antoine

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Typefi has delivered the benefits we hoped for—improved accuracy and faster production times.

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