Automation for print, online and mobile

The more you do with Typefi, the more you'll wonder how you ever did without it.

No matter what sort of publishing you do, Typefi will help you DO MORE.

Publishing processes today are being pushed to the limit in a rapidly changing hybrid world of print and digital. New channels. New formats. New ways of distribution. And new economic realities at every turn.

How do you adapt? How do you stay ahead? How do you easily bridge the gap between the different formats for print, online and mobile? How do you get to market more quickly and, perhaps more importantly, how do you do all this without breaking the bank?

In short, how do you do more for less?

Typefi: Automated publishing for print, online and mobile.

Diagram showing some common Typefi input channels (XML, Microsoft Office, Google, ECM) and output formats (XML, EPUB, PDF, HTML, DAISY).

Typefi is the world’s only single-source publishing platform that enables you to integrate print, online and mobile production in a seamless end-to-end automated workflow.

Organisations around the world use Typefi to publish their content in multiple formats—and up to 80% faster—without compromising on design!

Your content. Any format, any device. Faster.

Once set up, you can use Typefi to automatically render almost any source document or data in your choice of over 30 output formats in just minutes.

Easily expand your published content across a range of platforms, and produce accessible publications with minimal additional cost and effort. You can even publish the same content in multiple languages without time-intensive reformatting!

Flawless designs automatically? It’s possible!

Typefi seamlessly integrates with Adobe InDesign for layout and composition, so you don’t have to compromise on design quality.

With a single click, Typefi lays out your chosen content in dynamic InDesign templates. As Typefi works through the automatic layout process, it intelligently tries different combinations of text, images, and other visual elements, based on best-practice design principles and a series of rules specified by the template designer.

It’s 100% accurate and very fast. Say goodbye to manual typesetting errors, time-consuming layout changes, and reformatting for different output devices, and simply enjoy perfectly-crafted content every time—automatically.

Multiple formats from a single source of content.

Typefi will simply revolutionise your publishing workflows! This video demonstrates how Typefi can simultaneously produce a book in six publication-ready outputs—print PDF in two trim sizes, accessible PDF, and e-books for iOS, Kindle and Android—from a single Word document in under two minutes.

Input channels

  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets
  • Alfresco
  • BITS
  • Brackets
  • Content Repository (CMIS)
  • DITA
  • DocBook
  • EMC2 Documentum
  • Google Docs
  • JATS
  • Markdown
  • MarkLogic
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • NLM 2
  • NLM Book 2
  • Office 365
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL)
  • Typefi Content XML
  • XML

Output channels

  • Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Content Renditions
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Amazon Fire apps
  • Amazon eBook (MOBI)
  • Android apps
  • Baker Framework (HPub)
  • BITS
  • BlackBerry 10 apps
  • DITA
  • DocBook
  • EPUB
  • Google Docs
  • HTML5
  • iBooks (EPUB)
  • iOS apps
  • iOS Newsstand
  • JATS
  • Kobo (EPUB)
  • Liquid State
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Moodle (HTML)
  • NLM 2
  • NLM Book 2
  • Nook (EPUB)
  • Office 365
  • PDF
  • PDF (interactive)
  • PDF/UA (accessible)
  • PDF/X (exchange; 1a, 3 and 4)
  • PhoneGap
  • Readium (EPUB)
  • Sony Reader (EPUB)
  • Tizen apps
  • Typefi Content XML
  • Windows apps
  • Windows Phone apps
  • XML

For publishers large and small.

Typefi’s customers couldn’t be more diverse. From individuals and small businesses through to specialist publishers, international organisations and Fortune 500 companies, Typefi users span a range of industries and hail from around the globe.

What do they have in common? They’re all at the cutting edge of automated publishing thanks to Typefi. With three scalable versions of our core platform, we’re confident that we can offer you a solution that’s right for your organisation.

Typefi Cloud icon


Typefi Cloud features world-class security and offers instant access to upgrades and new features. Best of all, we manage all the infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Typefi Workgroup icon


Typefi Workgroup is a scalable multi-user enterprise platform for larger organisations and teams. It’s flexible, blazingly fast, and built to easily handle complex content.

Typefi Desktop icon


Typefi Desktop is a single-user solution for small to medium organisations. Easy to learn and easy to use, it’s guaranteed to help you publish more with less effort.

“No two publishers do things the same way. Typefi really understands that. They have worked at understanding our objectives and how we can benefit from the software.”

Dr Mehdi Khosrow-Pour, President & CEO, IGI Global

“In the first half of the year, we published 17 e-books that we couldn’t have done before. By the end of the year, 62 e-books will have been produced in-house.”

Astrid deRidder, Typefi Content Manager, Apa Publications

Typefi is designed to work as you do, but much faster.

Typefi is built on the time-tested foundation of XML, the fundamental building block of publishing workflows worldwide. It is engineered to take full advantage of XML’s capabilities, and is cleverly designed to be easy to use.

You and your team continue to work with familiar tools for authoring, editing and design—tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, any XML editor, and Adobe InDesign. If you’re managing information using an enterprise content management system or product database, that’s fine as well because Typefi works with the leading repositories for true end-to-end productivity.

Setup is straightforward: you get the benefit of years of intelligent automation built right into your publishing workflows from day one. You can be up and running in a matter of days or, if your needs are more specific and specialised, Typefi’s Professional Services team will tailor Typefi to suit, and develop your desired customisations so you don’t have to.

Your publishing workflows will suddenly feel under control, manageable and far more productive.

  • Simultaneously publish to your choice of 30+ formats for print, online and mobile
  • Reduce the need for manual composition, or eliminate it entirely
  • Slash your time to market by 50%–80% without sacrificing design quality
  • Build your own modular, action-based publishing workflows from Typefi’s extensive library of job options
  • Easily share and repurpose templates and content
  • Choose a cloud-based platform or an on-premises solution to best suit your needs
  • Work wherever you are with a modern, mobile-friendly web interface
  • Enjoy seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Feel confident knowing you’re protected by world-class security, tested and proven
  • Enjoy first-class expertise, training and support from Typefi’s Professional Services team

Typefi is infinitely scalable and continues to evolve as new formats emerge, allowing you to stay at the forefront of the latest publishing trends. Print it, share it, broadcast it. Any format, any device. Faster.

Ready to revolutionise your publishing with Typefi?

Typefi’s business development team will work with you to understand the publishing challenges you’re facing, and determine which Typefi solution is right for you.

Start by telling us a bit about your publishing needs and we’ll be in touch!