Automated Publishing Workflows with Adobe InDesign

Typefi publishing software uses intelligent InDesign automation to optimise your editorial workflows—resulting in reduced costs, improved content accuracy, and massive time savings.

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Streamline the Publishing Process

Feeling exhausted by a slow, manual production process? Streamline your authoring to production workflow, and publish more, faster. Typefi modernises the traditional production process with InDesign automation to improve your content velocity and shorten time to market.

Automated InDesign Workflows Can Help

Typefi combined our need for highly automated batch pagination with the ease of use of Adobe InDesign and replaced a labour-intensive, manual typecoding process…

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Reduce Production Costs

Under pressure to output more content with the same or less budget? Reduce costs by implementing a publishing automation solution and get more bang for your buck! Typefi offers a cost-effective automated publishing platform to help you do more with your available resources.

Automated InDesign Workflows Can Help

From the trouble-free implementation to enabling us to streamline and modernise our systems, to achieving considerable time and cost savings, it’s been a great project.


Make Last-Minute Changes Quickly

Frustrated by small, time-consuming edits that push back your production schedule? Get the flexibility to make last-minute changes quickly and easily. With Typefi, you can make edits to a source file, then automatically layout and republish in minutes without tedious manual rework of the entire document.

Automated InDesign Workflows Can Help

[Using Typefi] we can produce publications within minutes and quickly make edits ourselves if needed.

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Avoid Human Errors During Pagination

Want to minimise the manual mistakes that creep into your workflows? Improve your publishing quality and accuracy using automation. Typefi’s automated publishing solution eliminates human error during content composition, saving you time and money.

Automated InDesign Workflows Can Help

Typefi has delivered the benefits we hoped for—improved accuracy and faster production times.

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Here's How We Can Help

Now when I plan for a publication, the last thing that worries me is the layout phase. I know that I can produce a book within hours instead of weeks.

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