Soft-bottom frames, you make the layout world go round.

Since 2005, Typefi AutoFit has helped you design complex and responsive layouts more quickly and with less work.

Our compact and easy-to-use panel brings InDesign’s auto-sizing options out of the Text Frame Options dialog and puts them at your fingertips. AutoFit also makes it easy to enable Balance Columns to make text even at the bottom of multi-column text frames, and gives you the constraints that Adobe forgot—maximum height and maximum width—so your auto-sizing text frames don’t get lost off the page.

animated example of AutoFit parent-child relationship with Smart Guides and auto-sizing

Creating responsive page elements has never been easier than with Typefi AutoFit. Use the Typefi AutoFit tool to link objects into parent-child relationships—resizing or moving the parent effortlessly and automatically resizes or moves the child by the same amount. And it even works across different layers!

Typefi AutoFit is available for Adobe InDesign, from the latest release (InDesign 2023, released 18 October 2022) all the way back to InDesign CS (v3).

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