Typesetting math with interactive scripts


Math typesetting can be a drag, but you can make short work of it with movemen MathTools and some tricky InDesign scripts!

In this three-minute Lightning Session from the 2019 Typefi User Conference, Typefi Senior Solutions Consultant Eric Damitz demonstrates some of the math typesetting scripts that are available to Typefi customers.

Eric Damitz

Eric Damitz

Senior Solutions Consultant | Typefi

As a Senior Solutions Consultant, Eric works with customers to determine the best way to use Typefi for their particular needs, and then implements their solution. He started in publishing over 20 years ago as a TeX typesetter at a small development house, where he learned such valuable skills as opaquing film, making Dylux proofs, and pasting up forms with hot wax. He also learned desktop publishing, which was somewhat more useful. He moved to a large educational publishing company and spent 17 years as a production manager working with his colleagues to re-invent how publishing works—several times.

Eric’s particular skillset focuses on publishing automation, workflow improvement, and single-source publishing for both digital and print. He has a degree in Rhetoric (writing, not arguing) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.