The Institutes: Integrating DITA XML and Typefi


In 2009, The Institutes—an educational provider for professional development—went live with a publishing system that enabled them to achieve a new vision for how they author and publish their educational products. Ten years later, this same system is alive and well, and continues to evolve with the needs of the business.

Jim Cain, Solution Architect at Jacquette Consulting, has 20+ years of experience in software architecture, design, development, and systems integration for the publishing, education, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

In this presentation from the 2019 Typefi User Conference, Jim shares how his client The Institutes successfully integrated the DITA XML content model with Typefi while changing how they think about content and their content development process.

He discusses how limited The Institutes was prior to 2009 in their ability to produce products, how they have significantly increased their capabilities since then, and the level of reuse and automation that they have achieved across print and online delivery channels.

“They were already an InDesign shop. They had templates already in InDesign for all of their print publications. And when we looked at Typefi it was like, well, this is a no-brainer.”

Slide Deck (PDF)