Case study: IGI Global

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IGI Global first starting using Typefi 4 back in 2008. The initial implementation brought some big benefits, but didn't solve every challenge. IGI finally decided to upgrade to Typefi 8 in 2023. With this upgrade, everything that the team at IGI was previously doing in-house can now be done out of the box using Typefi. Learn more about the project and the benefits Typefi brought to IGI in this presentation.

Case study: American Petroleum Institute

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American Petroleum Institute publishes standards for the oil and gas industry. For years, production was slow due to inconsistent authoring and outsourced editing. Now with a new workflow using Typefi and eXtyles, production time has decreased drastically, proofing time was cut in half, and a record number of documents were published in 2022.

What is XML Web Authoring?

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XML is a standardised markup language commonly used by technical writers to create structured content. XML is also useful when it comes to automating time-consuming tasks and processes—like pagination—in publishing. If you’re new to XML, check out this article to learn what XML and DITA are, and the benefits of XML web authoring.

Automated publishing at Kaplan

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Emily Johnston, Typefi Business Development Director, recently sat down for a chat to discuss how Typefi, along with Componize CCMS and structured authoring in DITA, has revolutionised how Kaplan produces its content. What was once a tedious workflow—taking content manually from Microsoft Word into InDesign—is now highly automated and streamlined.

Typefi wins 2022 Zero Distance Award

September 27, 2022

The Business Ecosystem Alliance announced Typefi as a Zero Distance Award winner in 2022! This award celebrates the ground-breaking work of organisations around the world seeking to eliminate the distance between their employees, their operations, and their customers.