Inspire Inclusion on International Women’s Day 2024

We’re grateful to have such an incredible group of women at Typefi! Thanks for everything you do.

March 8th is International Women’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate women and all their achievements, raise awareness about discrimination, and take action to work towards true equality for all women.

The 2024 theme for International Women’s Day is Inspire Inclusion. Women’s inclusion is crucial to achieving true gender equality because inclusion means that the unique perspectives and contributions of women from all walks of life are recognised.

We can all help create a more inclusive world for women, whether by breaking down barriers, challenging stereotypes, or creating inclusive environments. It starts with simply inspiring others to understand and value women’s inclusion.

How do we Inspire Inclusion at Typefi?

According to the International Women’s Day organisation, one of the key pillars of Inspire Inclusion is the promotion of diversity in leadership positions within an organisation.

At Typefi, we’re proud to have Chathini Uduwana on our Global Leadership Team. Chathini is the VP People and Sri Lanka Country Head, and she’s actively involved in organisations like Women in Tech that work to empower women in science and technology fields.

“As a member of the Global Leadership Team, I have equal opportunities, I am part of the decision-making, and my voice is heard,” Chathini said. “I have never felt that gender matters at Typefi. They recognise talent, regardless of gender.”

As a software company, engineers are in high demand at Typefi. Three of our five engineering teams are female-led, and these teams are instrumental in developing and maintaining our products—we wouldn’t be where we are today without them!

Typefi also employs women around the world in various sales, marketing, and administration roles. In fact, about 35% of our global team members are women.

We’re thankful for all the incredible women on our team—check out some of their stories below to hear their thoughts about women’s inclusion and working at Typefi.

Emily Johnston

Business Development Director

Emily works closely with Typefi clients throughout the Americas and Asia. She’s often the first point of contact for a potential customer, and she’s an expert at tailoring Typefi’s diverse solutions to the niche requirements of our clients.

When asked about women’s inclusion at Typefi, Emily said,

“Organisations like Typefi that promote inclusivity provide environments where employees feel like they are valued and have equal opportunities to contribute. Seeing women thrive in that type of environment inspires the next generations to value, promote, and advocate for inclusivity in their own lives.”

We thank Emily for her passion for publishing and tireless collaboration with our clients. You’re helping us to inspire the next generation!

Buddhi Siripala

Software Engineer

Buddhi is a software engineer at Typefi with experience in frontend and backend development and data science. She explains women’s inclusion in a special way:

“A woman is an all-inclusive star who can shine everywhere, in every environment, and in every field with multiple talents. They don’t depend on a source to shine, like the moon does with the sun. They shine themselves while helping or inspiring others to shine.”

Buddhi, thank you for these inspiring words and your commitment to your work! We’re lucky to have you on the team.

Dinura Alagiyawadu

Associate QA Engineer

Dinura is an Associate Quality Assurance Engineer at Typefi. She has a unique view of women’s inclusion:

“In a world where inclusion thrives, women rise. Let’s paint a canvas of diversity and, on this International Women’s Day, ignite the spark that inspires a global movement of inclusion.”

We would like to thank Dinura for her inspiring soul. It’s our great pleasure to have you on the team!

Himasha Maduwanthi

Associate Software Engineer

Himasha works as an Associate Software Engineer on Typefi’s XSLT team. Her thoughts about women’s inclusion have a deep meaning for every woman:

“Empowerment starts with inclusion. Let’s build a world where every woman feels empowered to embrace her uniqueness and contribute to the collective strength of humanity.”

Thank you, Himasha, for everything you bring to Typefi. We appreciate all that you do!

Mahesha Muthumala

Software Engineer

Mahesha works as a Software Engineer on Typefi’s XSLT team. She shared some wise words about the importance of women’s empowerment and inclusion:

“Empowerment comes not from exclusion, but from inclusion. Inclusion is the very essence of progress. Let’s code a future, inspiring inclusion and championing diversity, where every woman’s talents shine.”

Mahesha, your contributions to the team are incredibly valuable. Thanks for helping us celebrate another International Women’s Day!