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Find out what’s new at Typefi!

Join us for a free webinar on Wednesday, 28 June 2017, and learn what’s new at Typefi! Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product, will share the latest features and what’s coming up next, including:

  • Seamless font auto-activation with Extensis FontLink;
  • Streamlined multichannel publishing with enhanced audio and video media elements;
  • A refreshed user interface design for Writer;
  • Enhanced tables in Writer with support for native Microsoft Excel spreadsheets;
  • New workflow variables, PDF crop settings, easier access to version histories;
  • And more…
Typefi and FontLink logos

Streamlined font management for automated publishing

Typefi and Extensis, united by their shared mission of making publishing workflows seamless and efficient, have partnered to remove font challenges that can derail automated publishing processes.

Extensis FontLink—a tool that identifies, locates, and activates only the exact fonts used in a document—is now available as an action in Typefi 8 workflows using InDesign Server.

Title slide of Bruce Rosenblum's and Chandi Perera's SSP 2017 presentation 'Find Your Path: The Four Roads to XML'.

The Four Roads to XML

The benefits of an XML publishing workflow are well-known—content search, sharing, reuse, and the ability to produce complex content in multiple rich output formats (PDF, HTML, EPUB, Kindle, and more).

But when and where should you introduce XML to your publishing workflow?