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Latest release Windows Mac
InDesign 2024, InDesign 2023, and InDesign 2022
AutoFit version 8.12 | 10 Oct 2023 | Release notes
Windows macOS (ARM)  | macOS (Intel)

You’ll find the Typefi AutoFit User Guide at Typefi Support.

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Previous releases Windows Mac
InDesign 2023, InDesign 2022, and InDesign 2021
AutoFit version 8.9 | 16 Jan 2023 | Release notes
Windows macOS (ARM)  |  macOS (Intel)
InDesign 2022, InDesign 2021, and InDesign 2020
AutoFit version 8.7.3 | 10 Mar 2022 | Release notes
Windows macOS (ARM)  |  macOS (Intel)
InDesign 2021, InDesign 2020, and InDesign CC 2019
AutoFit version 8.7.2 | 9 Sep 2021 | Release notes
Windows macOS (ARM)  |  macOS (Intel)
InDesign 2020, InDesign CC 2019, and InDesign CC 2018
AutoFit version 8.7 | 17 Apr 2020 | Release notes
Windows macOS (Intel)
InDesign CC 2019, InDesign CC 2018, and InDesign CC 2017
AutoFit version 8.6 | 29 Oct 2019 | Release notes
Windows  |  Windows (32-bit) macOS (Intel)
InDesign CC 2015
AutoFit version 8.5 | 11 Aug 2018 | Release notes
Windows | Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CC 2014, InDesign CC, and InDesign CS6
AutoFit version 8.4 | 05 Jan 2017 | Release notes
Windows | Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CS5.5 Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CS5 Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CS4 Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CS3 Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CS2 Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X
InDesign CS Windows (32-bit) Mac OS X

What is XML Web Authoring?

Type: Papers & articles
  • Categories: DITA, Online Authoring, XML

XML is a standardised markup language commonly used by technical writers to create structured content. XML is also useful when it comes to automating time-consuming tasks and processes—like pagination—in publishing. If you’re new to XML, check out this article to learn what XML and DITA are, and the benefits of XML web authoring.

Automated publishing at Kaplan

Type: Videos
  • Categories: Case Study, CMS, DITA, Education

Emily Johnston, Typefi Business Development Director, recently sat down for a chat to discuss how Typefi, along with Componize CCMS and structured authoring in DITA, has revolutionised how Kaplan produces its content. What was once a tedious workflow—taking content manually from Microsoft Word into InDesign—is now highly automated and streamlined.