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Typefi wins Zero Distance award from Business Ecosystem Alliance

Typefi wins 2022 Zero Distance Award

Maroochydore, AUSTRALIA — Typefi’s dedication to superior customer service and satisfaction has been recognised globally, with the Business Ecosystem Alliance announcing Typefi as a Zero Distance Award winner!

For 20 years, Typefi has proudly stood out from the crowd with our customer-focused values and work ethic. Our team collaborates across time zones, cultures, languages, and departments to share new perspectives and insight that keeps driving our software innovation.

Support for PostScript Type 1 fonts is ending

For decades, MathType EPS equations have been created using references to Type 1 fonts, also known as PostScript fonts.

On June 23, 2022, Adobe announced that they will disable support for authoring with Type 1 fonts by January 2023. Users will no longer have the ability to author content using Type 1 fonts after that time.

To learn more about the implications for Typefi, read our help article MathType, fonts, and Typefi

Improving project collaboration to deliver greater success

Introducing new processes and technologies into your business can be disruptive; shifting the way that you do business usually comes with additional tasks to your daily activities and a fair amount of stress.

At Typefi, we’re continuously exploring ways to improve collaboration, minimise the impact of change, and help you achieve your goals—without the headaches.

Marie Gollentz
Marie Gollentz, Project Manager, Typefi