Typefitter and AutoFit for Adobe InDesign 2021 are here!


Adobe announced the launch of Creative Cloud 2021 at October’s Adobe MAX conference, with hundreds of new features designed to outfit creatives for the challenges of 2020 and beyond.

We’re happy to announce that Typefitter 4.4 and Typefi AutoFit 8.7.1 are here, with support for Adobe InDesign 2021!

Updating Typefitter for Adobe InDesign 2021

This is a free update for all Typefitter users with an active subscription.

After downloading the latest installer from the Typefitter website, quit InDesign and run the installer. If your subscription is current and you’re upgrading from Typefitter 4.3, activation shouldn’t be necessary.

If you encounter problems using Typefitter following installation, it may be related to preferences having been copied from a previous version of InDesign (this is the default behaviour for Creative Cloud updates). Please follow these steps from Adobe for resetting your InDesign preferences and starting again.

Updating Typefi AutoFit for Adobe InDesign 2021

If you’ve previously registered for AutoFit and saved your registration email, click the download link in that email to gain access to the latest installer. If you no longer have the email, please register again.

After downloading the installer, ensure that you’ve quit InDesign before running it.

Waiting on Typefi Designer updates?

Our engineering team is currently working on Adobe InDesign 2021 compatibility updates for Typefi Designer, and we’ll be in touch with registered users directly as soon as the update is available.

If you’re still waiting on any compatibility updates, we recommend that you delay upgrading, or upgrade without removing your current version of InDesign (un-tick Remove Old Versions under Advanced Options when upgrading), so you can continue using Typefi Designer with Adobe InDesign.

If you have removed previous versions when updating your Creative Cloud apps to the latest 2021 versions (released 20 October 2020), you will need to re-install InDesign 2020 to continue using Typefitter, AutoFit, and Designer. Please see Install previous version of your Creative Cloud app at Adobe Support for step-by-step instructions.

For more information about Typefi support for third-party applications, please refer to the Typefi Product Support Lifecycle.