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Typefi Writer 64-bit edition title image

Enjoy greater content control with Typefi Writer 8.7.1 (64-bit edition)

Guy van der Kolk
Product Manager for Typefi Writer

I’m excited to share with you the release of Typefi Writer 8.7.1 (64-bit edition), with new features designed to help save you time and boost efficiency while authoring in Microsoft Word.

We understand the frustration in discovering that there’s missing links in your final publication, and then having to spend more time resolving the missing links and re-running your job. Typefi Writer 8.7.1 helps to prevent this frustration by signalling missing link alerts prior to a job being sent, as part of the preflight document process in Microsoft Word.

A screenshot of the My Typefi dashboard for Typefi. This screen shows the total time used, support tickets and Typefi users.

My Typefi: Your support stats dashboard is here!

Jason Mitchell
VP Customer Experience, Typefi

As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering automation that enables our customers to ‘do more’ in business and you can do more, when you know more.

We needed to do better at reporting on and sharing the support figures for our customers, and now we’re excited to share the launch of My Typefi. My Typefi is a secure website that delivers real-time reporting of an organisation’s key Typefi Support data. Huzzah!

Every Typefi customer can now access to quickly view the support stats for their organisation. Sign in with the same credentials that you would use to access Typefi Support, and use the information from My Typefi to self-manage your support better, thanks to improved data transparency.

Title slide of Laura Powers' presentation, overlaid with a play button.

The Great Docs Reorganisation of 2020

Have you visited Typefi Support lately? You may have noticed some changes, most of which are thanks to Laura Powers, Typefi’s Technical Writer, who joined the product team in early 2020.

Over the past 12 months, Laura has worked diligently to update Typefi Support and make it easier for you to find relevant, helpful information.

In this short video, she shares what inspired her reorganisation of the Typefi help centre, and how our newly-structured tech docs are designed to help you do more.