Typefi launches Enabling Accessible Publishing at Frankfurt


Typefi CEO Chandi Perera officially announced the launch of Enabling Accessible Publishing—a Typefi initiative that will help to make information more accessible to all—at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Wednesday, 10 October 2018.

The Enabling Accessible Publishing program will provide free Typefi software and services to not-for-profit, volunteer-driven organisations that are producing content in accessible formats for people living with visual, auditory, physical, or cognitive disabilities.

“According to the World Blind Union, about 90% of published material that’s available today cannot be accessed by people who are visually impaired. For those of us who don’t have a disability, imagine for a moment what it’s like to only have access to 10% of the information we have now,” Chandi said.

“We’ve been helping organisations around the world publish accessible content for over a decade, and now we’re really happy to be able to assist some not-for-profit organisations who are already publishing freely available accessible content to do their publishing much faster and more efficiently.”

Enabling Accessible Publishing is open to suitable organisations anywhere in the world. For more information, including selection criteria and how to apply, please contact us.