My Typefi: Your support stats dashboard is here!


As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering automation that enables our customers to ‘do more’ in business and you can do more, when you know more.

We needed to do better at reporting on and sharing the support figures for our customers, and now we’re excited to share the launch of My Typefi. My Typefi is a secure website that delivers real-time reporting of an organisation’s key Typefi Support data. Huzzah!

Every Typefi customer can now access to quickly view the support stats for their organisation. Sign in with the same credentials that you would use to access Typefi Support, and use the information from My Typefi to self-manage your support better, thanks to improved data transparency.

What type of information is visible on My Typefi?

My Typefi answers commonly asked questions you may have, such as:

  • How many hours have I used in my support pack?
  • How many hours have I used in my service pack? (if applicable)
  • What active support tickets do we have?
  • Where is our support time being used?
  • Who are the Typefi contacts in our organisation? Who are our Typefi Customer Reps?

A screenshot of the My Typefi dashboard for Typefi. This screen shows the total time used, current support tickets and people, broken down by the number of Typefi Contacts and Customer Reps.
The home page of features a dashboard showing your organisation’s support stats at a glance.

From the dashboard, customers can click on the tabs along the top to get granular detail on each of the key support figures shown:

  • TIME: View exactly how your support time is spent. A table of reported time entries for your organisation includes details such as time logged against a task, what ‘pack’ the task is linked to, the related ticket number from Typefi support, which Typefi staff member was associated with the task and when the work was carried out/time was logged.
  • TICKETS: See all currently active support tickets in a detailed table view. If you click on the ticket ID, you will be redirected to the Typefi Help Desk, where full information for the ticket resides.
  • PEOPLE: This page is only visible to Typefi Customer Reps within an organisation. If you are a Customer Rep, you can see a list displaying the names and emails of all Typefi contacts within your organisation. Customer Reps can allocate other Typefi contacts to become Customer Reps and to receive software licenses as needed. To designate someone as a Customer Rep, select the Customer Rep checkbox next to their name and email address.

Are there more features to come in My Typefi?

My Typefi’s product roadmap is currently being scoped to include adding new features to improve your self-service experience.

If you have an idea for a feature or stat that you’d like to see included in My Typefi, please share them with us! We’d love to hear from you!

Get greater control over your Typefi support and service packs

With improved data transparency, Typefi customers can make informed decisions around how to utilise Typefi support more efficiently and effectively:

  • Better manage your support on the fly. For example, you can be selective when logging any new tickets if you’re close to your quota or top up your support hours if you’re running low.
  • Get greater visibility over where and how many support hours have been used, so you can accurately track against your annual budget and manage your support requests more effectively. You can also query and verify specific entries that you may have questions about.
  • Enjoy the simple convenience of viewing and accessing your active tickets from within My Typefi.
  • View all current Typefi contacts to ensure only the right people have access.
  • Easily update your organisation’s Typefi Customer Reps.

Pop over to now and see for yourself how you can easily self-manage your support.

Learn more about My Typefi

Detailed information about My Typefi can be found at Typefi Support.

If you’ve got any questions about My Typefi, or a feature request for My Typefi, contact us. We’re always looking for more ways to help you do more.

Jason Mitchell, VP of Customer Experience at Typefi

Jason Mitchell

Vice President Customer Experience | UK

Jason leads Typefi’s global Professional Services team and has over 15 years of experience in managing publishing operations and digital products for both small and large publishing houses.

He has successfully led teams to redefine the publishing process to include digital products and improve profitability in the travel and medical publishing sectors.