InDesign to PowerPoint conversion with Recosoft


Typefi, a world leader in automated publishing software for Adobe InDesign, has announced a new partnership with Recosoft Corporation, a well-established provider of software solutions to convert files between PDF, InDesign, Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.

At the October 2023 Typefi User Conference, Typefi revealed plans for this partnership and gave attendees a preview of what to expect. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Recosoft Corporation,” said Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product and New Markets. “Integrating Recosoft’s unique and innovative InDesign to PowerPoint conversion capabilities elevates our automation game, setting a new standard for seamless workflows.”

Powerful InDesign to PowerPoint conversion capability

Recosoft has a long history of creating innovative software solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office applications.

The company’s InDesign to PowerPoint conversion tool is incredibly powerful. With it, you can export complete InDesign spreads directly to PowerPoint—all your assets remain editable, and effects like drop shadow are carried over. You can even define transitions in InDesign which are then applied to your converted PowerPoint deck.

Watch this clip from Caleb’s presentation at the 2023 Typefi User Conference to see a live demo of Recosoft’s InDesign to PowerPoint converter.

Do more with InDesign to PowerPoint conversion

This integration is just another way that Typefi continues to push forward and expand its software products. This new feature isn’t available yet, but it’s coming very soon! Look out for another announcement once this feature is released.

Contact us today for more info about using the Recosoft InDesign to PowerPoint converter in your Typefi workflows.