Online collaborative authoring: An Australian Government case study


Cloud-based collaborative authoring tools are an increasingly appealing option for many organisations, enabling concurrent writing and editing of documents in real time, anywhere in the world.

In this presentation from the 2019 Typefi User Conference, Tim Siers, Technical Director and Co-founder of collaborative online authoring tool MasterDocs, shares how the Australian Government is using MasterDocs combined with digital publishing to develop content for its new Transparency Portal.

This whole-of-government portal brings the annual reports of various departments into a single location, providing easy access to the Parliament and the public.

Information located at the Transparency Portal is searchable through a single interface, and selected data within the reports can be easily visualised, compared and analysed. This level of interrogation was not feasible in the past when content was isolated across numerous websites and authored in a variety of formats.

The result is a rich and dynamic experience that goes beyond traditional delivery methods, and which promotes transparency and accountability by making information easily discoverable, searchable, and comparable.

Tim Siers, Co-founder of MasterDocs

Tim Siers

Technical Director & Co-founder | MasterDocs

Tim is a co-founder at MasterDocs, an Australian company founded in 2013. He has fifteen years’ experience delivering hundreds of content management, digital publishing and collaboration projects for Federal Government and other public sector clients.