Typefi wins 2022 Zero Distance Award


Typefi’s dedication to superior customer service and satisfaction has been recognised globally, with the Business Ecosystem Alliance announcing Typefi as a Zero Distance Award winner!

For 20 years, Typefi has proudly stood out from the crowd with our customer-focused values and work ethic. Our team collaborates across time zones, cultures, languages, and departments to share new perspectives and insight that keeps driving our software innovation.

The Zero Distance Awards were launched in 2020 by the Business Ecosystem Alliance (BEA). The awards celebrate the ground-breaking work of organisations around the world seeking to eliminate the distance between their employees, their operations, and their customers.

Jason Mitchell, VP of Customer Experience at Typefi, accepted the award virtually on September 21st. Jason said winning this award was fantastic recognition for Typefi’s Professional Services team who are dedicated to the success of our customers.

“We have been driven in the past 10 years to not let our evolution be a detriment to our historically high levels of customer satisfaction. This award confirms that you can grow quickly and maintain customer success if you fully empower the people looking after customers,” explains Jason.

It was an honour to be chosen as an award winner alongside fellow Australian organisations Chorus and 4D Systems.

“The Zero Distance Awards celebrate organizations from throughout the world of very different shapes and sizes, drawn from a variety of industries, who are managing to turn the concept into a practical reality,” says Stuart Crainer, BEA director and co-founder of Thinkers50.

Decision-making starts with those closest to the customer

Typefi’s flat organisational structure empowers our staff by removing the ‘middleman.’ We utilise asynchronous communication and have opened direct lines between end-users and the heart of Typefi. With the backing of their peers, our team of engineers confidently prioritise customer issues on the fly—knowing their code is a vital piece in the success of both our customers and Typefi.

“The dedication shown by the consultants and engineers in Typefi’s Professional Services team is amazing—they’re an absolute joy to work with. They regularly turn customers’ problems into a personal challenge, getting up early and staying on late to pull out the necessary stops to solve them,” boasts Jason.

Delivering value that matters to all parties

Typefi understands the value of time. Our solutions help our customers reclaim up to 80% of their production time and our friendly staff deliver fast issue resolutions that ensure our customers can continue to do more, confident that Typefi has their back.

We know our customers appreciate this personalised, nimble service and the stats back it up—our approval ratings are consistently above 90% and our customer churn rate is just 2%!

“Our Professional Services team embodies the zero distance principles—we’ve designed a team culture that’s user-focussed, built on collaboration and trust, and driven by an honest desire to see all parties succeed. I’m incredibly proud of that,” concludes Jason.

A list of the 2022 Zero Distance Award winners can be found on the Business Ecosystem Alliance website.

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