DO MORE with your publishing


What are your publishing goals for 2017? Are you looking for ways to DO MORE for less, without compromising on quality? Do you want to inject new ideas, innovation, and efficiency into your organisation’s publishing practices?

In this webinar recording, Typefi Business Development Manager Chris Hausler and Senior Solutions Consultant Eric Damitz demonstrate how you can rapidly produce almost any print or digital document in over 30 formats for print, web and mobile, using Typefi’s versatile publishing platform.

The demo (commencing 09:20) includes one of the most popular Typefi workflows—taking content from Microsoft Word and producing beautifully designed, publication-ready documents in multiple formats in just minutes.

You’ll also learn how Typefi can help you quickly and easily publish your content in multiple languages, and in accessible formats for consumers with print disabilities.

How will Typefi improve your publishing workflows?

Typefi enables your publishing team to create dynamic Adobe InDesign templates which are then automatically filled with your chosen content—from Microsoft Word, databases, your CMS, or a range of other sources—at the click of a button. Authors and editors can update content at the source and simply run it through Typefi again to produce a new version in minutes—no manual redesign required.

You’ll rapidly produce perfectly-designed PDFs, EPUBs, HTML, and more, or you can simply create your output in InDesign so your team can add the final human touch.

You’re in control. It’s your team, your content, your branding, your designs, your preferred print and digital formats—but it’s up to 80% faster, whether your content is simple or complex.

Your team will be liberated from mundane typesetting tasks and time-consuming redesigns, and can spend more time doing what they do best—producing high quality content. Now that’s a fresh way to kick off the new year!


Chris Hausler
Typefi Business Development Manager

Chris has over 20 years’ experience in improving organisational processes through technology, including a decade working with publishers to define and deliver solutions that dramatically improve the way they publish content. He is always excited about the opportunities offered by new technologies.

Chris Hausler, Typefi Business Development Manager

Eric Damitz
Typefi Senior Solutions Consultant

Eric started in publishing over 20 years ago as a TeX typesetter at a small development house, before moving to a large educational publishing company where he spent 17 years as a production manager working with his colleagues to reinvent how publishing works—several times. Eric’s particular skillset focuses on publishing automation, workflow improvement, and single-source publishing for both digital and print. At Typefi, he works closely with customers to determine the best way to use Typefi for their particular needs, and then implements their solution.

Eric Damitz, Typefi Senior Solutions Consultant

If you’re ready to DO MORE or if you’d simply like to have a chat with us about any other aspect of your publishing process, start by telling us a bit about your publishing challenges and we’ll be in touch!