How to publish an entire book in under 2 minutes


In this video, filmed at the 2015 Association of American University Presses (AAUP) Conference, Typefi VP Product Caleb Clauset demonstrates how you can use Typefi to publish an entire book to both PDF and EPUB in 1 minute, 44 seconds, from a single Microsoft Word document.


ANNOUNCER (EX): Next up we have Caleb Clauset from Typefi!

[audience clapping, Daft Punk singing “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”]

CALEB CLAUSET: So in the beginning… was the Word.

[audience laughter]

We start with a book, we also need to go online, and mobile. Now the idea is, we have these three outputs, we want to do them simultaneously, single source.

But the reality is, this is what we usually do.

[Caleb shows a typical publishing workflow—Microsoft Word to InDesign to a single published output]

So Typefi. What can we do about this?

This is a live video recording, recorded live, showing an end-to-end solution, real time. Taking a Word file, tagging it, adding the structure, and we’re done.

Then taking this Word file and printing it directly from Microsoft Word through our Cloud service to InDesign. Converting to XML, submitting it to the server, flipping over to InDesign, real time paging of the book.

Now there’ll be a pause here in a little bit as we drop in some graphics. You can see chapter titles coming in, section dividers, everything’s perfectly styled upfront. Fully automated.

Look at the bottom right-hand corner in just a second. Here we go. Images dropping in. Hands off.

[audience laughter]

Footnotes, end notes, cross references, indexing, table of contents, all fully automated. Here come the final thoughts, conclusions, end notes, jump back to the beginning, table of contents.

Exporting out to PDF, saving EPUB, and we’re done, in one minute, 44 seconds.

[audience applause, whistling and cheering]

This is the actual PDF. Press ready, good to go. Switching to the EPUB, same content, single source.

So one of our publishers started off. Before Typefi, they did 50 journals, and 95 books in one year. They increased that to 145 journals, 350 books—three times the output.

Another one. Acceptance to first proof—a complex title, 112 days. Standard title, 45 days. With Typefi, they reduced it to 28 and 38. Two times faster, on average.

That’s why we say DO MORE.

Thank you.

[audience applause and cheering]