2017 Typefi product update


In this presentation from the 2017 Typefi User Conference, Caleb outlines product updates and changes from the last 12 months, and offers a glimpse of what users can expect to see in the coming year.


AutoFit (00:00)

The free version of AutoFit for Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud is now available.

Typefitter (01:24)

Typefitter for InDesign CS6 is now available as a free download! Includes a five-minute Typefitter demo (commencing 2:33) by Typefi Solutions Consultant Jamie Brinkman.

Extensis FontLink (08:00)

Typefi and Extensis have partnered to eliminate font challenges for Typefi users! Typefi’s new ‘Gather Font’ action integrates with Extensis FontLink to deliver the correct fonts for your document, every time.

Sunset for CS6 (13:25)

Adobe stopped sales of Creative Suite 6 on 9 January 2017. Typefi will end-of-life its CS6 solutions after 31 October 2017.

New features in Typefi 8 (14:27)

New features since the launch of Typefi 8.1 include: Content XML 3 (incorporating the addition of video and audio media elements); the ability to use local files; enhanced workflow variables including an ‘input:first‘ variable and the ability to use project fields; the ability to define PDF crop options; a Modify DOCX workflow; and support for both macOS Sierra and InDesign CC 2017. Typefi’s next release, Typefi 8.2.3, is localised for Spanish!

What’s next? (23:06)

Typefi will conduct regular quarterly releases of patches and updates. New Typefi features coming soon include: The ability to embed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets within a Writer file; CXML 3.1, including a tag which will allow you to embed additional metadata within Content XML and InDesign documents, and a tag which will generate a context-aware table of contents or list; a redesigned Files input; the ability to swap out native InDesign cross-references for third-party alternatives such as DTP Tools; a Schematron workflow action which will ‘fact-check’ XML documents; and more! Includes a demo at 34:18 of an online editor for InDesign documents—no plugins, no markup required.

Caleb Clauset

Caleb Clauset

VP Product | Typefi

Caleb drives the vision and strategy for Typefi’s products, and cultivates strategic partnerships with developers to extend Typefi’s core capabilities.

He is an award-winning designer and Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign with over a decade’s experience designing, developing and implementing publishing technology. He holds a Master of Graphic Design from North Carolina State University and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.