Supporting schoolkids in rural Sri Lanka


Every year, Typefi’s Colombo team initiates a Corporate Social Responsibility project to enhance local society in some way. Our efforts can range from implementing environmentally friendly policies in the workplace to donating money or essentials to worthy causes.

A group photo of the Typefi team with schoolchildren, teachers and community members at Weragala Primary School.
Typefi Colombo team members (back right) with children, teachers and community members at Weragala Primary School in rural Sri Lanka.

We like to focus on helping kids in rural schools. Sri Lanka provides free education for everyone, and all the Typefi staff members in Colombo have taken advantage of free education, but often schools in rural and remote areas do not have access to the same resources as those in the city.

As well as improving the educational activities of students in rural and remote schools, we want every kid to see where we are today and expand their expectations for what they can achieve in life.

This year we selected Weragala Primary School, located in Anuradhapura district, North Central Province, Sri Lanka. It is 185km away from Colombo, and the lifestyle is basic when compared to the city.

With the help of our family and friends, we donated school supplies, sports gear, library books and stationery for 55 school children.

A busy photo of several team members sorting out donations and packing bags and boxes.
The Typefi team sorting donations of school supplies in the Colombo office.

A toy laptop computer handcrafted from wood. The screen and keyboard are joined with a door hinge. A child has drawn a bright scene of trees and mountains on the screen section, and numbers on the keyboard section.
Unable to afford real computers, the children and their families have handcrafted their own.

A toy desktop computer that has been handcrafted from wood. The screen is painted blue and there is a cable running from the screen to the base.
Another wooden version of a desktop computer.

On 24 November we travelled to Weragala Primary School, where we gave each child a school bag filled with a lunch box, water bottle, books, crayons, stationery, drawing books, and materials for school uniforms.

It was a wonderful moment to see the children’s excitement about opening the bag to see what they got. All of them had a sweet innocent smile on their faces. We also enjoyed a nice refreshing Sri Lankan rice and curry meal with the children and their teachers.

The Typefi team sits in front of assembled children at a Sri Lankan primary school while a teacher in brightly-coloured traditional dress looks on. The assembly area has an exposed wooden ceiling and just one wall with a chalkboard on it.
Assembly with the kids and their teachers.

Helping Weragala Primary School has been a great experience for the Colombo team. We had a great time planning the event, it indeed improved the team spirit, and it also reminded us that we should all be happy and grateful for what we have.