Chathini hands out donations from the back of a truck to a group of women and children in Maa Oya.

Feeding growing minds in Maa Oya

December 18, 2019

At Typefi, we believe in the importance of doing our bit for others. Every year, our Colombo team works on a Corporate Responsibility Project to give back to the Sri Lankan community. This year, we selected 75 families in Maa Oya, a remote village surrounded by thick forests and huge ancient reservoirs, to provide with dry rations.

The Typefi team sits in front of assembled children at a Sri Lankan primary school while a teacher in brightly-coloured traditional dress looks on. The assembly area has an exposed wooden ceiling and just one wall with a chalkboard on it.

Supporting schoolkids in rural Sri Lanka

December 6, 2018

Every year, Typefi’s Colombo team initiates a Corporate Social Responsibility project to enhance local society in some way. This year, we donated school supplies, sports gear, library books and stationery for 55 school children at the Weragala Primary School, located in Anuradhapura district, 185km away from Colombo.