Standardise your standards with STS


The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) officially announced the publication of the STS (Standards Tag Suite)—an XML tag suite for the publication of standards—on 9 October 2017.

To celebrate the release of the new standard, Typefi and Inera will host a weekly webinar series on how you can best leverage STS, starting on 30 October 2017.

What is STS and why is it important?

STS is a suite of XML elements and attributes that describes the full-text content and metadata of standards.

STS builds upon JATS (Journal Article Tag Suite)—the existing, widely used standard for journal publishers—and a variant of JATS, ISOSTS, the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) version of STS created in 2011.

Bruce Rosenblum, CEO of Inera and co-chair of the NISO STS Working Group, said that the standard will positively impact the bottom line of standards publishers and their vendors.

“Investment in publishing technology is a significant cost. When companies don’t ‘speak the same language’, costs remain high and innovation is stifled,” he said.

“NISO STS allows all parties to leverage a common investment and spread costs over a larger number of organisations, which will in turn lower costs of software and services for everyone.”

Other benefits of the new standard:

  • Greater interoperability between standards publishers and the standards distribution ecosystem;
  • Greater ease of discovery, use and adoption of standards worldwide;
  • The ability to easily publish complex standards in multiple print and digital formats;
  • A sustainable way to create, publish, share, and store standards (as opposed to the widely-used but inflexible PDF).

Webinar series: Standardising Standards

To help standards publishers understand and adopt this new common format, Typefi and Inera are offering a weekly webinar series on how you can best leverage STS. The eight 30-minute recordings will include:

  • Everything you need to know about the new publishing standard;
  • The advantages you will gain from using STS, Inera eXtyles and Typefi to transform your publishing processes;
  • Real-world case studies of how standards publishers have benefited from implementing XML-based publishing workflows (including ISOSTS) in the past;
  • And more!

Presenters include Chandi Perera (Typefi), Bruce Rosenblum (Inera / NISO STS Working Group), Eric Damitz (Typefi), Gabriel Powell (Typefi), Laurent Galichet (ISO), and Antti Saari (Finnish Standards Association / NISO STS Working Group).

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