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Publish multiformat educational content 80% faster!

Type: Webinar Recordings
  • Categories: Education, Publishing

Typefi is a proven automated publishing platform that enables you to automatically publish content to 30+ formats for print, online, or mobile. See how to publish both teacher and student editions of a complex math textbook in PDF and EPUB formats in minutes—from a single Microsoft Word document—in this webinar.

Accelerate styling with Typefi Writer 64-bit edition

Type: Videos
  • Category: Typefi Writer

The 64-bit edition of Typefi Writer, released in October 2020, has a very cool new feature—floating paragraph and character style panels. This dramatically speeds up the application of Typefi paragraph and character styles, and greatly reduces the potential for tagging errors! See how it works in this short demo video.

A guide to structuring content for automation

Type: Webinar Recordings
  • Categories: AEM, XML

Marie Gollentz, Typefi Project Manager, explains how to structure your content and optimise it for automation in this webinar. She discusses a few practical steps you can follow, then shows how you can create beautiful content from the Adobe Experience Manager Guides solution using InDesign and Typefi.

End-to-end automation with eXtyles Arc and Typefi

Type: Webinar Recordings
  • Categories: eXtyles, STM, XML

eXtyles Arc by Inera is an automation solution that structures raw author-submitted Word files and produces semantically rich JATS XML. Learn how you can use eXtyles Arc and Typefi to go from unstructured Word manuscripts to perfect PDFs in minutes—no human intervention required!

How to write better alt-text for images

Type: Papers & articles
  • Category: Accessibility

Alternative text, or alt-text, is a short description of an image that explains the content of an image to a user or a search engine. Learn how to write better alt-text in this article by Huw Alexander from textBOX.