Celebrating the women at Typefi on International Women’s Day 2023


Every year on March 8th, along with the rest of the world, we celebrate International Women’s Day! It’s a time to celebrate the achievements of women around the world, raise awareness of discrimination and take action to drive gender parity. We want a world that celebrates and values our differences.

Promotional image of 9 women at Typefi embracing themselves for International Women's Day 2023 theme: embrace equity.

The International Women’s Day 2023 campaign theme is Embracing Equity. It’s not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. Equality begins with equity. At Typefi, we recognise that each person has different circumstances, so our actions need to reflect this in order to reach equal outcomes. Equitable action = true inclusion.

We are proud to be a tech company with strong gender diversity—35% of our staff are women and three of our five engineering teams are female-led.

So thank you to all the incredible women at Typefi for all that you do, and all that you bring to our team! Some of these wonderful ladies have shared their stories below, read on to hear their experiences working here at Typefi.

Harshini Kotavila

Assistant Manager—Operations (Sri Lanka)

Harshini is an absolute rock star who is involved in the hiring at Typefi and supports our team in Sri Lanka. When asked about gender equity at Typefi, Harshini was quick to say,

“I love working for a company that understands, respects, and values the multiple roles that women have at home and at work.”

Promotional image with staff quote for International Women's Day 2023.
Harshini Kotavila for IWD2023

“The work-from-home option that Typefi has is excellent. It gives our staff the opportunity for better work/life balance especially as the home situation for our employees varies widely across the board. Many women here have school-aged children, and we offer them the flexibility to work around schooling. They don’t have to choose one or the other. Here, we trust our staff and give them the autonomy to figure out the best way to work that fits in with them. In the office, from home, outside of ‘regular’ hours—they can choose and I’m very proud we can offer all staff a hybrid workplace model. Typefi focuses on the outcomes from people, not clocking in or out.”

Harshini also proudly shared that Typefi has a strong track record of skills-based hiring. “We see the value in relevant work experience and are happy to provide opportunities for those without IT degrees. It’s all about hiring the right person for the job.”

For the right candidates, Typefi will provide any additional training required, which opens the door wider to women in technology.

The collective collaboration and support from our leadership team was also praised by Harshini—she’d not come across such a positive environment before.

We are grateful for the passion Harshini brings to our team and for the support you give all staff. We are richer for having you on our team. Thank you, Harshini!

Gayanthika Udeshani

Associate Architect and XSLT Team Leader (Sri Lanka)

Gayanthika ensures our team has the cutting-edge technical knowledge to perform their work effectively.

Promotional image with staff quote for International Women's Day 2023.
Gayanthika Udeshani for IWD2023

For Gayanthika, the option to work from home is a key element of gender equity in the workplace. With this flexibility, she, and many others are afforded a better balance of career and family. One doesn’t exclude the other. “Hybrid workplace options mean I can balance my career and family more easily. I can have them both.”

Gayanthika is one of the three female leads of the five software engineering teams in Typefi. It’s a fantastic ratio that we are proud of for women in tech.

Thank you, Gayanthika, for the leadership you bring to your team. We appreciate all that you do!

Buddhi Siripala

Software Engineer (Sri Lanka)

Promotional image with staff quote for International Women's Day 2023.
Buddhi Siripala for IWD2023

Buddhi is a Software Engineer at Typefi and is passionate about developing innovative solutions for the real-world challenges our customers face.

“I think we have gender equity in Typefi. Our work culture is incredibly supportive. We freely share our knowledge and build each other up. We are all given the opportunity to share our expertise in different areas—it is not based solely on gender or role. I love being a part of this team. I can be myself here, and I feel valued.”

Buddhi, keep being you—we absolutely love having you on our team!

Chathini Uduwana

Country Head (Sri Lanka)

Chathini is the Sri Lankan Country Head for Typefi, and a member of our Global Leadership Team. Chathini brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Typefi and has been integral to the success of our teams in Sri Lanka.

Promotional image with staff quote for International Women's Day 2023.
Chathini Uduwana for IWD2023

Typefi, like many companies, has recognised the importance of female leadership in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace.

As a member of the Global Leadership Team, I have equal opportunities, I am part of the decision-making, and my voice is heard. I believe diverse leadership teams are more innovative, perform better, and are more resilient in times of crisis.

“I have never felt that gender matters in Typefi. They recognise talent, regardless of gender.”

Thank you Chathini, for advocating for women in tech, and for your fantastic leadership!

Kate Prentice

Marketing Specialist (Australia)

Promotional image with staff quote for International Women's Day 2023.
Kate Prentice for IWD2023

Kate is a Marketing Specialist at Typefi, and she loves sharing the amazing work of her colleagues with the world.

With a history of working in tech, this is the first company she’s worked in where the gender balance hasn’t been significantly weighted towards the men. “I’m proud to work for a tech company with so many strong female leads. 3 of 5 engineering teams at Typefi are female-led and we have female representation in our leadership team too. How good is that?!”

“These stats aren’t that common in tech. But I think (hope) things are changing. I consider myself lucky to work with such an incredible team of women across all areas of the business here.”

Thanks, Kate, for helping us celebrate the women at Typefi this International Women’s Day, 2023.

Anupama Wimalasooryia

Tech Lead (Sri Lanka)

Anupama is a Tech Lead in Typefi’s XSLT team and loves to work with customers on Typefi-ing their publishing processes!

Promotional image with staff quote for International Women's Day 2023.
Anupama Wimalasooryia for IWD2023

Anupama has a beautiful son and was working at Typefi during her pregnancy. “While I was pregnant, Typefi worked with me to create a flexible, comfortable work environment according to my situation. That support was super cool. There were still deadlines, but there was no added pressure from Typefi. My hours were flexible, where I worked from was flexible—I really appreciated that (especially for short naps!).”

You are achieving so much and kicking goals in and outside of work! Thank you, Anupama for your contributions to the team and for sharing your thoughts.

Here’s to the achievements of women worldwide!