Accelerate styling with Typefi Writer 64-bit edition


The 64-bit edition of Typefi Writer, released in October 2020, has a very cool new feature—floating paragraph and character style panels.

This dramatically speeds up the application of Typefi paragraph and character styles, and greatly reduces the potential for tagging errors! See how it works in this short demo video.


VOICEOVER: With the release of the 64-bit edition of Typefi Writer 8.7, we can do something that was not technically possible before—make Typefi panels float and stay open on screen.

One of the first areas we chose to use this ability is in the application of structure with paragraph and character styles.

With the new floating panels, applying just the right styles is easier than ever, as you can be sure that the styles you’re applying are only the ones defined in the template.

Naturally, you can click and apply styles like you would expect in any application. But, more importantly, you can be more efficient by using the Apply selected styles to multiple paragraphs checkbox.

There are two ways to use it.

You can select the paragraph that has the style that you want, then select Apply selected styles to multiple paragraphs and continue clicking on the paragraphs you want to apply to. Disable the checkbox when you are done.

Or, you can put your cursor in a paragraph, click the checkbox, and choose a paragraph style you want to apply. Then, continue clicking on other paragraphs to apply the style you chose. And again, disable the checkbox when you are done.

Thank you for watching, and we hope you enjoy this new feature.

Learn more about Typefi Writer 64-bit

Detailed information about the 64-bit and 32-bit editions of Typefi Writer 8.7.0 can be found at Typefi Support.

If you’re not yet a Typefi customer and would like to see Typefi Writer in action, contact us to arrange a free demo.