Demystifying JATS & BITS with eXtyles & Typefi


The benefits of an XML publishing workflow are well-known – content search, sharing and reuse. But as an STM author, editor, designer or distributor, you may not want to become a master of XML in order to reap its rewards.

Our May 2016 webinar, a joint presentation between Typefi and Inera, shows you how to leverage Inera eXtyles and Typefi to simplify your editorial and publishing processes, dramatically speed up production, and produce quality XML – without any additional effort or XML knowledge.

Enjoy the webinar, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions, or if you want to learn more about how Typefi and Inera eXtyles can help you.


Bruce Rosenblum

Bruce Rosenblum, CEO of Inera, leads the development team for eXtyles, the leading editorial solution for journal, book, standard and government publishers. Bruce is a member of the JATS standing committee, the BITS Working Group, and one of the original authors of the NLM DTD. He will demonstrate how Inera eXtyles simplifies time-consuming, error-prone editing tasks in Microsoft Word such as clean-up, styling and tagging, and generates well-formed, standards-compliant XML from your Word content.

Eric Damitz

Eric Damitz is a Senior Solutions Consultant for Typefi, the world’s most recommended automated publishing platform for print, online and mobile. Eric will demonstrate how you can use Typefi and the XML created in eXtyles to quickly produce high quality Adobe InDesign, PDF and EPUB files ready for proofing, publication or distribution. In addition, Typefi can accurately automate typesetting and production of complex maths, scientific notation, cross-referencing, footnotes, indexing, tables, and accessibility features.

We’re experts in JATS and BITS, which means you don’t have to be. Incorporating eXtyles and Typefi into your publishing workflow will leave you free to focus on what you do best – creating and distributing high quality STM content.

“Increased automation and a more streamlined workflow with eXtyles and Typefi at the core have enabled us to cut journal composition time by more than half.”

Louise Adam, FASS