An introduction to Standards Cloud


Standards Cloud is the fastest and easiest way for National Standards Bodies to create ISO adoptions!

This fully web-based platform enables NSBs to produce professional standards adoptions using the same technology and source XML that ISO uses—no technical or typesetting expertise needed.

In this presentation from the 2019 Typefi User Conference, Jason Mitchell (Typefi VP Product) and Dilum Samarajeewa (Typefi Support Team Lead, Sri Lanka) introduce Standards Cloud and demonstrate a range of key features.

“This is a really powerful example of just how quick and easy it can be to publish complex documents if you’re using ISOSTS and the power of Typefi’s automation.”

Slide Deck (PDF)

Jason Mitchell, Director of Professional Services at Typefi

Jason Mitchell

VP Customer Experience | Typefi

Jason leads Typefi’s global Professional Services team and has over 15 years of experience in managing publishing operations and digital products for both small and large publishing houses. He has successfully led teams to redefine the publishing process to include digital products and improve profitability in the travel and medical publishing sectors.

Dilum Samarajeewa

Dilum Samarajeewa

Support Consultant | Typefi

Dilum is a dedicated and highly energetic IT professional with over eight years of experience in technical support. He has been a member of Typefi’s Professional Services team for the past three years, and is often the first point of call for clients who require technical support in the US, Europe, and Australia.

Dilum holds an Information Technology degree from Middlesex University in the UK, and takes pride in providing creative direction and out of the box thinking.