Expanding your linguistic horizons

Typefi Senior Solutions Consultant Guy van der Kolk made his InDesign Magazine debut in May with Expanding Your Linguistic Horizons: Multilingual publishing with InDesign.

“Many people start to break a sweat whenever a client or boss asks us to incorporate foreign languages (such as
French, Spanish, or Russian) into our layouts. When we hear this, should we head for the hills, or dive in add some tools to our toolbox, and expand our capabilities?”

Guy van der Kolk, Typefi Senior Solutions Consultant

Of course Guy advocates expanding your capabilities, and this practical guide will introduce you to the basics of multilingual publishing, including:

  • Getting prepared – choosing your language, engaging a proofreader who is a native speaker, and being prepared to use character styles;
  • Working with different versions of InDesign – Standard, ME (Middle Eastern) and CJK (Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean);
  • Working with third-party plug-ins;
  • Utilising Unicode and OpenType, the standards that form the foundation for making multilingual publishing possible; and
  • Actually getting your content into InDesign.

To learn how multilingual publishing can multiply your opportunities, check out the full article (reproduced with permission from the team at InDesign Secrets).

First page of 'Expanding Your Linguistic Horizons' by Guy van der Kolk in the May 2016 issue of InDesign Magazine.

About Guy

Guy’s career started with Pagemaker 1.0 and his high school yearbook. As an engineer for an Apple Reseller, a member of the Adobe User Group, and now as Senior Solutions Consultant for Typefi, he has spent the last 15 years supporting and teaching thousands of customers on how to best use their Apple, Microsoft and Adobe products.