Scientific & Scholarly Publishing

Finding a balance between traditional print publishing and producing content in established and emerging digital formats is a significant challenge—one that can be both costly and time-consuming.

For over a decade, Typefi has been working with scientific and scholarly publishers to dramatically streamline their print workflows, and enable them to publish the same complex content to a broad range of digital outputs with 100% accuracy.

Why automate?

By automating some or all aspects if your publishing workflow with Typefi, you’ll produce your content up to 80% faster, reduce or eliminate manual typesetting errors, and easily bridge the gap between print and digital production.

  • Drastically reduce production time for visually-rich print-ready textbooks, journals, articles, research papers, and reports.
  • Publish the same content in your choice of up to 30 formats for print, online and mobile, including print-ready PDF, HTML, EPUB, XML (including JATS and BITS), and accessible formats.
  • Automate the layout of complex elements such as boxed text, tables, graphics and images, multiple columns, mathematical and scientific notation, multi-level lists, and more.
  • Automate time-consuming, error-prone elements such as pagination, running headers, tables of contents, footnotes, end notes, linked references, and indexes.
  • Include dynamic content such as audio files and video clips for HTML and EPUB outputs, while automatically excluding the same interactive content from your print outputs.
  • Easily rectify errors or make changes to content and design at any stage of the production process without time-intensive reformatting.
  • Ensure consistency of styling within and across publications.
  • Quickly and easily re-use and re-purpose content on demand and in a variety of formats.

How does it work?

Typefi’s core platform is unique in that it separates content creation from design to partially or fully automate composition. Authors and editors can continue to work with familiar software such as Microsoft Word while gaining immediate feedback on layout at the click of a button.

Meanwhile, Typefi frees designers from mundane manual content updates and allows them to instead focus on creating more appealing, consistent, dynamic designs for print, online and mobile. Best of all, they can do it all from within Adobe InDesign.

Late changes no longer cause issues for layouts, as content is updated at the source and then run through Typefi again to produce a perfectly designed, publication-ready output in minutes.

A fully-configured solution for JATS and BITS

For publishers producing their content in XML, Typefi and Inera have partnered to offer a solution that is fully configured for scholarly publishers to automatically create XML content that conforms to the JATS (Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite) and BITS (Book Interchange Tag Set) schemas.

See how it works in this recorded webinar, which demonstrates how to leverage Inera eXtyles and Typefi to simplify your editorial and publishing processes, dramatically speed up production, and produce quality XML—without any additional effort or XML knowledge.

Inera eXtyles Arc is an additional automation option for journal publishers, intelligently structuring raw author-submitted Word files and producing semantically rich JATS XML in minutes.

This webinar demonstrates the automated eXtyles Arc process—from unstructured manuscript files to richly tagged and valid JATS XML—and how Typefi enables users to take the XML and produce high quality print or web PDFs in a matter of seconds!

Unfailing support all the way.

As an organisation that values integrity, collaboration, and a commitment to “solving the right problem”, the Typefi team will work closely with you to understand your needs, develop and implement your solution, train your Typefi users, and provide ongoing support.

Our Professional Services team members are located around the world to provide a quick response and on-tap expertise, no matter where you are.

Ready to take the first step towards revolutionising your publishing?

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