Improving project collaboration to deliver greater success


Introducing new processes and technologies into your business can be disruptive; shifting the way that you do business usually comes with additional tasks to your daily activities and a fair amount of stress.

At Typefi, we’re continuously exploring ways to improve collaboration, minimise the impact of change, and help you achieve your goals—without the headaches.

Marie Gollentz
Marie Gollentz, Project Manager, Typefi

Whether you’re starting out and implementing Typefi, or expanding its application, our engagement with you is primarily project-based and can take several forms:

  • a proof of concept or pilot to allow you to validate the solution we’ve envisioned to meet your needs
  • a phased implementation to roll out your Typefi solution
  • subsequent development to incrementally increase the number of content types and formats you produce.

To guide these projects successfully through delivery to completion, we’re improving our approach to project management, and formalising this process.

Dedicated Project Management at Typefi

To ensure your Typefi project is completed according to scope, within budget, and on-schedule, a dedicated Project Manager—Marie Gollentz—at Typefi will work alongside your project team. Through this consolidated project management process, we connect with you at every stage—providing you with greater project visibility and transparency so you can more effectively plan your time and manage your resources.

Behind each Typefi project is a cross-functional team of experts

So, who will you collaborate with at Typefi? For each Typefi project we bring together a cross-functional team of experts—hand-picked according to the project scope:

  • Your Typefi Business Development Manager (BDM) leads the initial interaction with your team and remains your primary point of contact for all questions related to our contractual engagement.
  • Your Typefi Lead Consultant develops the project, from scope to delivery. They work with you to define the project scope in detail, build the solution architecture, brief the engineers, create your templates, and train you to use Typefi.
  • Last but not least, Typefi’s Product and Engineering teams are involved as needed to develop any customisations for your specific solution.

Clear communication and collaboration—the foundation of successful projects

Projects at Typefi are managed in three distinct stages: Scoping, Development, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT). Clear definition of each stage and the expected outcomes prior to work commencing is key. Fortunately, our experts know just the right questions to ask to ensure we meet your goals.

“We need to understand your requirements—what outputs do you need Typefi to deliver? And we need to know what your goals are—perhaps it’s reduced operating costs or faster time to market?

The more we know about your workflows and goals, the more effective our solution for you will be.” – Marie Gollentz, Project Manager, Typefi.

Your Typefi project team will work closely with you to define the project scope before we start developing the solution to produce your test cases. In the UAT stage, you can check and confirm that we have met the specifications outlined. Sometimes, further works grow out of a project to include support for additional requirements not initially realised—and in these situations we work together to fulfil the requirements as effectively as possible.

We base our collaboration on open communication. Internally, we organise sprint reviews to track progress and address any blockers. Through regular meetings with you, we report on the project status, obtain feedback, bring any issues to your attention, and agree on next steps. If something needs immediate attention, you can submit queries at any time via our support site.

It is our honest transparency that sets us apart from the rest. We may be growing as a company, but we refuse to lose our dedication to clients which has made us unique. We love to collaborate with you and see you succeed.

Working together so you can DO MORE

Typefi’s team of experts are here to help you DO MORE with your Typefi solution. Like you, we are constantly learning and evolving the way we work so that we can DO MORE, for you. We want your Typefi experience to be a positive one that delivers on what we promise—and your Project Manager will ensure that stays true from start to finish.

Learn more about Typefi’s Professional Services offerings and how can help you leverage your Typefi solution.

Marie Gollentz, Typefi Project Manager.

Marie Gollentz

Project Manager | France

Working closely with Typefi’s team of experts, Marie manages our client projects to ensure they are successfully delivered and meet our clients’ specific needs. Marie joined Typefi in 2016 as a Solutions Consultant and brings to her current role, a wealth of experience in helping clients adopt the best solution to achieve their goals. In 2022, Marie achieved her Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) qualification. Marie is brilliantly trilingual in English, French and Spanish!