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7 simple ways to make your Word documents more accessible

Guy van der Kolk
Senior Solutions Consultant, Typefi

There is nothing like a global pandemic to highlight the fact that not all information is available equally.

While we are being bombarded with more information than we can process, a lot of that information cannot be consumed at all by people with disabilities, because it has not been produced with accessibility in mind!

I know that a lot of us who advocate for accessibility can be quite vocal and active and possibly even a bit… obsessive… about what we do. Sometimes, I think that is actually detrimental to our message.

So, in this post I want to focus on the human experience, and look at some simple things that anyone can do when creating written content to make a difference for visually-impaired people who use assistive technology to read.

Book excerpt: JavaScript for InDesign

There are many repetitive and labour-intensive Adobe InDesign tasks that can be solved with scripting.

If you want to learn how to access Adobe InDesign’s hidden scripting riches, Peter Kahrel’s book JavaScript for InDesign is a great place to start!

Thanks to the team at InDesign Secrets, you can now download an excerpt which first appeared in the April 2020 edition of InDesign Magazine.

Title page of of the JavaScript for InDesign Book Excerpt in the April 2020 issue of InDesign Magazine. There is a short block of text, a photo of Peter Kahrel, and a shot of the book cover.

The excerpt also includes an exclusive set of simple one-liner scripts that Peter came up with to give you a quick taste of success!

One team, many locations: Successfully managing a remote crew

Jason Mitchell
VP Customer Experience, Typefi

Whether your team has recently been asked to work from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, or you’re simply new to managing a remote team, leading a group of geographically-dispersed professionals can be a challenge.

Typefi's EMEA team stand smiling around a classic European car.
Amsterdam, 2018: Jason (centre) with Typefi team members from the Netherlands (Guy & Gabriel), England (Peter, Kevin & Stephen), France (Marie), Romania (Vlad), South Africa (Damian), and Australia (Chandi).

I’ve been remotely managing Typefi’s globally-distributed Professional Services team since 2015, and have a few tips on how you can turn this into a successful experience for you and your team.

Who knows? You may find that working remotely becomes a blessing in disguise that greatly improves your team’s productivity and makes them all much happier human beings.

It definitely works for us!

A typesetting treasure trove

At first glance, it may not look like much—but Peter Kahrel’s extensive online repository of free scripts is an essential resource for anyone who works on long documents in InDesign.

Lines of JavaScript code overlaid on a photo of a laptop with a glowing gold light coming from the screen.
An online goldmine.

After hosting the script repository on his own website for many years, its future was in doubt late last year when Peter made the decision to relocate from the UK to Spain. His UK ISP refused to let him keep the site, or even set up redirection links.

Fortunately, David Blatner at CreativePro Network came to the rescue, and the repository now has a new home at

In this interview, Peter shares insights into the repository’s history, and some of the ways that InDesign typesetters can use his free scripts to make their lives easier.

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