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Image promoting Jason Mitchell's article on choosing the right tech vendor.

How to choose the right tech vendor: Five steps to success

Jason Mitchell
VP Customer Experience, Typefi

When was the last time you downloaded a new app to your phone? Every day, we make choices about new and existing technologies that will (hopefully) make our lives easier or more enjoyable.

When it comes to choosing technology for your business, though, the process can be daunting—especially when it’s in a field outside of your expertise.

What if you invest a bunch of time, money, and effort into a new tech platform, but you don’t end up with the solution you actually need?

To ensure success, it’s incredibly important to select a tech vendor you can trust.

Over the past two decades, I’ve been on both sides of the experience—as a publishing operations manager, and now as a publishing tech vendor—and I’ve learned that there are five simple steps you can follow to ensure a great outcome.

A line of colourful toy tin robots.

Automate your way to more meaningful work

Damian Gibbs
Solutions Consultant, Typefi

Want more time for creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking—all while improving the bottom line? Let robots do the drudge.

It’s hard to overstate the turmoil an organisation goes through when change is introduced.

However, if 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that ‘the way we’ve always done it’ doesn’t necessarily translate to the ‘new normal’ in which we find ourselves.

If you’re one of the many publishers around the world being forced to rethink how you work, automating the grunt work of production could be one way to start refocusing your team’s efforts.

Promo for Damian Gibbs' blog post about standards providing a foundation for innovation and creativity in publishing.

Standards: The foundation for innovation and creativity in publishing

Damian Gibbs
Solutions Consultant, Typefi

The word “standard” does not appeal to the creative spirit of publishing. With connotations of enforcing rules and guidelines on people, it appears to be the very antithesis of creativity!

Looking at the broad variation of beautiful publications available, this surely is proof that publishing thrives on non-conformity and thinking outside the box?

Photo of an assistive reading device overlaid with information about Guy van der Kolk's article about making Word documents accessible.

7 simple ways to make your Word documents more accessible

Guy van der Kolk
Senior Solutions Consultant, Typefi

There is nothing like a global pandemic to highlight the fact that not all information is available equally.

While we are being bombarded with more information than we can process, a lot of that information cannot be consumed at all by people with disabilities, because it has not been produced with accessibility in mind!