Single-Source Publishing Automation

DO MORE with your existing resources and reduce your production time by up to 80% with Typefi automated publishing software.

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Having Typefi has automated much of our production process, and it also allows us to keep the work in-house. As a result, it has saved us a ton of time and money…


What Is Your Biggest Publishing Challenge?

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Automated publishing using Adobe Experience Manager

With Typefi publishing software, it’s possible to produce print-ready documents in just a few seconds using content stored in AEM (or any other CMS).

Create an InDesign template with your various page designs, then create a Typefi workflow to pull content from different locations and compose it automatically. Adobe InDesign Server does the rest! In just a few seconds, Typefi returns the final outputs.

Watch this short demo to see how it works.

Our manual publishing process took 7 weeks to produce a book. With Typefi, the entire process now takes about 4 hours.

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