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Typefi Writer 64-bit edition title image

Enjoy greater content control with Typefi Writer 8.7.1 (64-bit edition)

Guy van der Kolk
Product Manager for Typefi Writer

I’m excited to share with you the release of Typefi Writer 8.7.1 (64-bit edition), with new features designed to help save you time and boost efficiency while authoring in Microsoft Word.

We understand the frustration in discovering that there’s missing links in your final publication, and then having to spend more time resolving the missing links and re-running your job. Typefi Writer 8.7.1 helps to prevent this frustration by signalling missing link alerts prior to a job being sent, as part of the preflight document process in Microsoft Word.

Accelerate styling with Typefi Writer 64-bit edition!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Typefi Writer 8.7.0 for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Word!

More than two years in the making, our engineering team has completely rewritten this version of Typefi Writer from the ground up to be compatible with modern 64-bit applications.

As the tech industry moves towards universal adoption of 64-bit processing, this update brings Typefi Writer into line with current technology and offers a level of future-proofing for Typefi Writer publishing workflows.

Typefi Writer users will feel right at home, as the 64-bit edition offers the same user interface as Typefi Writer 8.7.0 for the 32-bit version of Word, with the addition of one major new feature—floating style panels.