Promo for Damian Gibbs' blog post about standards providing a foundation for innovation and creativity in publishing.

Standards: The foundation for innovation and creativity in publishing

December 8, 2020

With connotations of enforcing rules and guidelines on people, the word “standard” does not appeal to the creative spirit of publishing—but in reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! Standardising the way you publish can have massive long-term benefits. We’ve found that it can actually help foster creativity within your team. Learn how to get started developing standards for your business in this blog post.

Standardise your standards with STS

October 20, 2017

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) officially announced the publication of the STS (Standards Tag Suite)—an XML tag suite for the publication of standards—on 9 October 2017. To celebrate the release of the new standard, Typefi and Inera will host a weekly webinar series on how you can best leverage STS.