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Apa Publications

Case Study
  • Categories: E-books, Typefi Workgroup
  • Industry: Travel Guides

Apa Publications is a travel publisher with imprints including Insight Guides, Berlitz, and Rough Guides. The company produces over 400 visually-rich titles for print and e-book formats. Using Typefi, production time was reduced by more than half and e-book production was moved totally in-house. Additionally, Typefi made it easy to maintain consistent styling and repurpose content for app production.

Federation of Animal Science Societies

Case Study
  • Categories: eXtyles, JATS, MathType, Typefi Workgroup, Typefi Writer, XML
  • Industry: Scientific and Scholarly Publishing

FASS publishes more than 14,000 pages of complex journals annually. Typefi replaced a labour-intensive, manual typecoding process and, along with Inera eXtyles, reduced journal composition time by more than half. Complex elements are now published automatically and everything is done in-house.

Overhead Door

Case Study
  • Categories: Manuals, Typefi Workgroup, Typefi Writer
  • Industry: Manufacturing and Technical Communication

Overhead Door is one of the largest door manufacturers in the United States. The company produces over 1600 installation guides for its products, which are updated regularly. Overhead Door saved 80% in publishing time by automating the production of its install guides with Typefi.


Case Study
  • Categories: CMS, Manuals, Multilingual Publishing, Typefi Workgroup
  • Industry: Manufacturing and Technical Communication

PMC is a Japanese document solutions company specialising in publishing for manufacturers. Typefi integrated seamlessly with PMC's XML-based CMS, enabling true single-source document creation with the ability to edit content and design at any stage. As a result, PMC's production has “increased explosively”, with minimal changes to staffing.

Publishing Concepts

Case Study
  • Categories: Custom Solution, Typefi Workgroup, XML
  • Industry: Book Publishing

Publishing Concepts (PCI) works with organisations including private high schools, universities, clubs, and military branches to capture stories from their members and alumni, then compile and distribute them as print books and digital versions. Using Typefi, PCI reduced production time for print books from seven weeks to just 4 hours and reduced overall cost by minimising the amount of paper used per book.

The Federation Press

Case Study
  • Categories: E-books, Typefi Workgroup, Typefi Writer
  • Industries: Book Publishing, Education and Textbooks

The Federation Press is an independent, Australian-owned publishing company specialising in legal, social and academic books. The company produces print books and e-books up to 1500 pages long. Using Typefi, the company's small production department can produce 50 books per year and make changes at any stage without time-intensive reformatting.