Banner advertising the Typefi User Conference in Geneva on 13 October 2022. The background is a historic map of Geneva and the surrounding areas.

Typefi User Conference 2022

The 2022 Typefi User Conference was held at the Hotel Warwick in Geneva, Switzerland on 13 October 2022, with delegates from 15 organisations joining the Typefi team for a day packed with informative discussions and some much needed in-person catch up with Typefi staff and other attendees.

Guy van der Kolk hosting a round table discussion at the 2022 Typefi User Conference. There is a group of people sitting at a round table having a conversation.
Roundtable discussion at the 2022 Typefi User Conference.

Thank you to everyone who joined us!

It was a full day with a busy agenda. The morning kicked off with product updates as well as several first-time reveals including our new collaboration app Project Marcoola, new Typefi Writer integrations including Google Docs and Word 365, and integrations with oXygen and Fonto.

Following the big reveals was an informative session on publishing mathematics, and a case study explaining how Typefi created a custom workflow and Word template that allows non-technical staff at the World Health Organization to create PDF output in a consistent style.

After a delicious French lunch, we returned to the ballroom for customer roundtable discussions with Typefi staff. Topics included Project Marcoola and content management, Typefi Writer, Accessibility, Standards, and Maths. These lively discussions were a highlight of the event!

The event concluded with a look at what the Typefi Professional Services team has been up to, as well as a few big changes we’ve made to our Cloud offerings and our project management approach in order to better serve you. It’s all part of our mission to help you Do More.

All of the conference sessions were recorded—you’ll find the videos and transcripts at the links below!

I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the Typefi gathering in Geneva…an excellent opportunity to exchange views and issues with the Typefi team…I thank you for giving us the great opportunity to participate in it.


Typefi Product Update

Caleb Clauset, Typefi VP Product

There are plenty of exciting new things in the works at Typefi! Caleb discusses the tentative product release schedule for 2023, shows off the latest updates to Typefitter and AutoFit, and reveals our latest big development: an all-in-one collaboration surface called Project Marcoola.

Do More with Authoring

Guy van der Kolk, Typefi Product Manager

Guy discusses the latest updates to Typefi Writer and reveals some exciting new integrations. Typefi Writer has always been a desktop solution—but we believe that the future of authoring will be online. That’s why Guy and the team have developed new Typefi Writer integrations with Google Docs and Word365, and Typefi Server integrations with XML authoring tools including oXygen and Fonto.

Working with Mathematics

Damian Gibbs, Typefi Solutions Consultant

Damian explores mathematical fonts, markup languages and authoring tools, and goes into detail on two common methods of publishing equations—EPS images and MathML. He also discusses the strengths and weaknesses of EPS versus MathML and delves into how the upcoming end of support for PostScript Type 1 fonts will impact mathematical publishing workflows.

Case Study: Design Template for WHO Guidelines

Kevin Bird, Typefi Solutions Consultant

The World Health Organization (WHO) needed a way for non-technical staff to generate PDF output to a consistent style—and Typefi had a solution. The team built a custom workflow where content can be created in a simple Word template without using Typefi Writer. Kevin discusses this unique workflow and how it enabled the WHO to streamline production of its WHO Guidelines.

Dedicated to Zero Distance

Jason Mitchell, Typefi VP Customer Experience

Jason provides an update on the changes that have taken place within the Typefi Professional Services team since the previous Typefi User Conference in 2019. He discusses the latest support metrics, the launch of and coming updates, the latest changes to Typefi Cloud, and the new Managed Workflows for Standards service package.

Improving Our Collaboration

Marie Gollentz, Typefi Project Manager

We’re excited to announce that we are implementing a new approach to project management at Typefi! As part of this change, any project you undertake with Typefi will now have a dedicated project manager. Marie explains how this will work, how it will impact you, and the benefits it will bring.