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Publishing Lessons from the Long History of the PDF

Marie Gollentz
Project Manager, Typefi

The Portable Document Format (PDF) has come a long way since it was launched by Adobe in 1993. What started as a little-known technology to keep page layout from going wonky has now become a feature-rich format that is used by people the world over.

In 2020, Adobe estimated that there were more than 2.5 trillion PDFs in existence – that’s more than 320 PDFs for each person on Earth! In that same year, about 303 billion PDFs were opened using Adobe Document Cloud.

The PDF can offer those of us in the world of publishing and content some interesting blueprints for success. In this piece, learn more about what the development of the PDF can teach us when it comes to developing our products, driving popular appeal and soaring above competitors in the marketplace.

Photo of an assistive reading device overlaid with information about Guy van der Kolk's article about making Word documents accessible.

7 simple ways to make your Word documents more accessible

Guy van der Kolk
Senior Solutions Consultant, Typefi

There is nothing like a global pandemic to highlight the fact that not all information is available equally.

While we are being bombarded with more information than we can process, a lot of that information cannot be consumed at all by people with disabilities, because it has not been produced with accessibility in mind!