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Typefi’s core automated publishing platform is so versatile, it can rapidly produce almost any print or digital document. Since 2001, we’ve worked closely with customers across a wide range of industries to solve the publishing challenges they face every day.

Configured with a range of plug-ins for additional functionality, Typefi provides powerful publishing solutions for international and treaty organisations, education and textbook publishers, financial services organisations, manufacturers, professional associations, standards organisations, STM (scientific, technical and medical) publishers, and travel publishers.

Education and Textbook Publishers

Streamline your traditional publishing processes and embrace e-learning formats with Typefi! Produce accessible, visually-rich educational content containing complex elements—boxed text, tables, graphics, multiple columns, mathematical and scientific notation, and more—without time-intensive reformatting for different output devices.

Automate error-prone print elements such as pagination, running headers, tables of contents, footnotes and references. Quickly and easily re-use and re-purpose educational content on demand and in a variety of formats. Update content and publish new editions faster, for a fraction of the current cost and without compromising on quality. Learn more…

Financial Services

In today’s competitive and heavily regulated financial services sector, your publications—from marketing collateral and research reports to fund fact sheets and EDGAR filings—need to be flawlessly designed, highly accurate, and available to your customers and stakeholders the moment they need them.

If you want to publish your content up to 80% faster, more securely, more accurately and in more formats than ever before, Typefi is the answer. Learn more…

International and Treaty Organisations

A significant challenge for any international organisation is the production of the same content in several languages. Typefi enables automated composition in multiple languages in a single workflow, and supports specialised typography requirements for Cyrillic, CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean), Indic, European and Middle Eastern languages.

Typefi is blazingly fast, supports simultaneous production of accessible outputs, and ensures consistently-high production quality across a range of publications.

Legal Publishers

A major challenge for legal publishers is managing the publication of complex legal content in an environment where case law and statutes are constantly changing.

For over a decade, Typefi’s powerful automated publishing platform has been helping legal publishers to rapidly produce publications for print, online, and mobile, while flawlessly handling the inherent challenges of producing legal content. Learn more…

Manufacturing & Technical Communication

Providing accurate product data to customers, distributors and staff is crucial to the success of businesses in the manufacturing sector.

Typefi is ideal for utilising structured product data stored in enterprise databases, website databases or Microsoft Excel to produce visually rich and highly detailed parts and price lists, catalogues, sales brochures, instruction manuals, and technical documentation. Learn more…

Professional Associations

Professional associations of all kinds around the world rely on Typefi to rapidly produce member publications and educational content in a range of formats including EPUB, HTML and print-ready PDF. Keep your members right up to date with the latest news, research, and best practices in your industry, no matter how complex the content.

Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) and Scholarly Publishers

Typefi has partnered with Inera to develop a solution which is fully configured for scholarly publishers to automatically create XML content that conforms to the JATS (Journal Archiving and Interchange Tag Suite) and BITS (Book Interchange Tag Set) schemas developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

The user-friendly solution enables visually rich design, incorporates tables, figures and equations, and automates complex elements such as cross-references, footnotes and indexing.

Standards Organisations

As a multi-format, multi-language, single-source XML publishing platform with built-in support for multi-page tables, equations, landscape tables, figures and graphics, Typefi is the perfect solution for Standards Development Organisations and National Standards Bodies to produce accessible, high quality Standards documents.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Central Secretariat in Geneva uses Typefi to publish content prepared in ISO-STS (Standards Tagging Set) XML in print, PDF and eBook formats. ISO members can take advantage of discount pricing on a Typefi Standards Solution, as well as access to the templates used by ISO CS and a range of flexible configuration options. Learn more…

Travel Publishers

Your customers want a great experience within their budget—don’t you? Present all corners of the planet and keep travellers up-to-date with a five-star automated publishing solution that doesn’t cost the earth.

Typefi enables you to create beautifully-designed, up-to-the-minute travel content for print, online and mobile, all from a single content source. With the click of a button you can add last-minute changes to your print publications without time-intensive reformatting, and publish the same updates to your website and travel apps instantly.

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